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Fine Arts Administration Certificate

Learn how to manage and direct art organizations

Appreciation for the arts is sometimes hard for communities to maintain in times of economic belt-tightening. This is precisely why enterprises in the fine arts are in need of well-educated and savvy managers and directors of community or institutionally based arts organizations.

Towns and cities all across the country are looking for innovative folks to help ensure the ongoing vitality of the fine arts and need someone with the skills to keep the curtain rising. With a certificate in fine arts administration, that someone could be you!

Intense stage performace

How do I get certification? 

This 18-credit program includes:

  • Seminar in fine arts administration
  • Capstone project
  • Art, music or theatre internship
  • Electives options in:
    • Communication
    • Business
    • Public relations
    • Technical writing
    • Professional speaking
    • Arts content courses

Arts Administration Certificate Courses

Arts Administration Certificate Application

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