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students arts administration certificate

Arts Administration Certificate offers hands-on experience

Arts Administration Certificate

Learn how to manage and direct art organizations

Appreciation for the arts is sometimes hard for communities to maintain in times of economic belt-tightening. This is precisely why enterprises in the fine arts are in need of well-educated and savvy managers and directors of community or institutionally based arts organizations.

Towns and cities all across the country are looking for innovative folks to help ensure the ongoing vitality of the fine arts and need someone with the skills to keep the curtain rising. With a certificate in fine arts administration, that someone could be you!

Required Courses (8 credits):
IDIS 410: Arts Administration Seminar 3 credits

Three credits from one of the following internship courses:
ART 498: Internship
CJ 498: Internship
MUSI 498: Music Internship
THEA 498: Theatre Arts Internship
MGMT 398: Internship Program I
MKTG 398: Internship Program I

3 credits
Twelve elective* credits from at least two areas below 12 credits
Total Credits 18 credits  
*Elective Courses (12 credits)
Art and History Area
ARTH 111 Survey: Ancient to Medieval Art 
ARTH 112 Survey: Renaissance to 20th Century Art 
ARTH 225: History of Graphic Design 
ARTH 227: History of Photography 
ARTH 310: History of World Architecture 
HIST 380: Mass Media History 
3 credits

Business and Communications Area
ACCT 201, BSAD 105, BSAD 115, BSAD 125, BSAD 130, BSAD 135, BSAD 140, 
BSAD 155, BSAD 305, BSAD 306, BCOM 206, BCOM 207, BCOM 306, BCOM 307,
BCOM 405, CJ 184, CJ 201, CJ 202, CJ 205, CJ 250, CJ260, CJ 307, CJ 318, CJ 351, CJ 355, CJ 374,
MGMT 300, MGMT 340, MKTG 330


Music Area
MUSI 110: Music Appreciation
MUSI 111: Global Roots of Music in the United States
MUSI 112: History of Rock and Pop (summer only)
MUSI 114: Evolution of Jazz
MUSI 224: Music and Gender
MUSI 225: Global Traditions in Music
MUSI 307: Music in the United States
IDIS 174: Social Justice in the Humanities (when taught by music faculty)
3 credits
Theatre Area

THEA 101: Theatre Appreciation
THEA 121: Introduction to Technical Theatre
THEA 125: Introduction to Theatre History
THEA 221: Introduction to Design
THEA 271: Stage Management
THEA 325: Theatre History and Literature
THEA 335: Drama in Education
THEA 336: Theatre for Youth
THEA 421: Touring Theatre
THEA 434: Theatre Arts Management

3 credits

Arts Administration Certificate Courses

Arts Administration Certificate Application

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