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We’re proud to be “Wisconsin’s Singing University” and we hope you’re eager to join! Be a part of an inclusive group of 400+ students who all share a point of interest — singing. Create harmonies in one of our six ensembles and perform regionally, nationally and internationally alongside some of your closest friends. Joining a choir gives you credit towards your degree and a chance to work with nationally acclaimed guest artists. These ensembles are open to all students — all you need to do is audition!


music ensembles offered


music ensembles offered

Concert Choir
UWEC Choir

Frank A. Watkins, Conductor

Performing nationally and internationally is the name of the game for students in Concert Choir. This dedicated group of individuals takes their connection to the music they perform seriously. Ranging from bass to soprano, this ensemble brings music to life, often leaving their audience teary with goose bumps.

Women’s Concert Chorale

Frank A. Watkins, Conductor

This treble-voiced choir brings a new level of class to the stage as they enter with pearls adorning their necks. They celebrate the uniquely beautiful sound of women's voices joining together in harmony. WoCo is a force to be reckoned with and embraces the motto “We are one.”    

The Singing Statesmen

Chris McGinley, Conductor

Playful in their demeanor, serious in their art — the Singing Statesmen never fail to entertain an audience. From running on stage to wearing white gloves, swaying along to the music with them is only a plus. This group is not only exceptionally talented, but a brotherhood as well, sharing this motto: “Once a Statesman, always a Statesman.” 

Symphonic Choir

Christopher G. McGinley, Conductor

This mixed choir works exclusively with orchestra and is comprised of university students and members of the Chippewa Valley area who are interested in music. The mixture of vocals and enriching wind instruments leaves audiences breathless. No matter what’s performed, their time on stage will blow you away.

Treble Choir

Julie DeBoer, Conductor

A group of 50-70 women from all academic disciplines join together to create this ensemble. Sharing in the idea that music learning and ensemble singing can be a tool for future success in any field, Women’s Chorus brings together students with many different perspectives. Join as a freshman and make friendships to last all four years!

Novum Voce

Christopher G. McGinley, Conductor

Novum Voce is the newest ensemble to the UWEC choral family. This small chamber ensemble of 16-24 voices sings advanced repertoire from the early Renaissance to music of the 21st century. The ensemble is destined to thrill audiences with their diverse, unique repertoire, and intimate sound.

Singing Statesmen members posing for a group photo.

A world of adventure awaits you at UWEC

One of the most powerful experiences future choral teacher Sydney Rabata had as a Blugold was traveling to Central Europe with Women's Concert Chorale and the Singing Statesmen. To sing in some of the most beautiful venues in the world while being surrounded by her very best friends was an absolute highlight for the recent grad.

“Moments like those have shown me the way music connects people from all walks of life and reminds me why I decided to become a music educator,” she said. “UW-Eau Claire pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a bright, exciting future as a music educator."


A unique aspect of the voice and choral area at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is the large number of students involved who are non-music majors. #iSingUWEC has been created to promote and celebrate the success of our diverse student body who sing at UW-Eau Claire. 

Direct Cabaret

Cabaret is a fun way to get to know your peers and put on a fantastic show - but did you know you could get service learning from it as well? Directing the show allows you to get your service learning hours through creative activity. You can choreograph, design the set and plan the theme for the show.


Now that you've seen your options, are you wondering where you can sign up? When you visit campus for orientation, you'll be able to audition that day. Otherwise, you can audition throughout the semester as long as you contact the director of choral activities. You'll be asked to vocalize, sight-read, demonstrate pitch memory and perform a prepared solo and/or "My Country 'Tis of Thee." Before you know it, you'll be a part of "Wisconsin's Singing University."

Orchestra and Choir
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