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Why UW-Eau Claire?

UW-Eau Claire

Discover your purpose and passion

Prepare to go after your dreams — including the ones you didn't know you had. Blugolds are not defined by one discipline or profession. Instead you're encouraged to embrace your multiple passions. We call this the Power of AND. Many opportunities will help you discover your AND. An experience in another country or culture might make you think differently about the world, or faculty-student collaborative research may allow you to present at a national conference. That friend you met in the dorms or a student org could become a business partner. The possibilities are endless.

Engaged and energized

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Is the Blugold life for you?

Camila Mennite Pereyra

Attitude, talent help Argentinian drummer find success

With a feisty mom as a role model, Camila Mennitte Pereyra grew up determined to show the world that she could do anything that a man could do, including being an award-winning drummer.

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Helping to create the Hub, a space where Blugolds can find student resources, is among Amanda Thao’s accomplishments.

Internship, campus experiences help new grad find career path

May grad Amanda Thao found her future career thanks to hands-on learning experiences inside and outside her UW-Eau Claire classrooms.

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Dennis Beale

Blugold helps students in tough situations see path forward

UW-Eau Claire is attracting more students from inner-city neighborhoods in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Indianapolis thanks to Dennis Beale, a grad who uses his own life experiences to help convince them college is a path to a better life.

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Blugolds are constantly learning, in and out of the classroom, about themselves and the world around them. UW-Eau Claire helps you discover what you love to do and what defines you, then gives you the tools and opportunities to find a place in the world to make your mark!

Sophia Thoen | Social Work

Hands-on experience

UWEC material science and engineering student working in lab


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