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Welcome to UW-Eau Claire

Where your passions come to life

At UW-Eau Claire, we have redefined the college experience to better prepare you for the future and give you the space you need to transform yourself and the world around you.

Choosing to further your education is one of the biggest decisions — and investments — you can make. That’s why we believe you shouldn’t have to choose just one passion. 

As a Blugold, your education will leap off the page. You’ll be encouraged to push boundaries and test limits. You’ll rewrite the written, achieve the unthinkable and invent the unimaginable. You’ll open doors to worlds unknown. You’ll learn that when we have compassion for others, embrace our differences and work as a team, we’re a force to be reckoned with — anything is possible.

We call ourselves Blugolds

Students sitting on campus mall

Redefining the college experience

Tyler GOnzales writing on a glass light board

Collaborating with brilliant faculty

Tyler is headed to Yale, not only because of its strong reputation as an Ivy League school but because it mirrors something he has become quite accustomed to at UW-Eau Claire: the collaborative peer-to-peer environment among faculty.

Read about Tyler's pursuit of mathematic excellence
Female student collecting research samples in Little Niagara Creek on lower campus

Advocating for women in STEM

Katherine's first year at UWEC started out as many students' do: undecided. Her interest in science led her to GEO 110 where she fell in love with the great outdoors. Now a published researcher, Katherine's inspiring young girls to follow in her steps.

Read about Katherine's experience at UWEC
A project launched this spring by a team of UW-Eau Claire nursing students is helping to get information about mental health disorders and mental health resources into the hands of young people across the state.

Breaking barriers to mental health resources

A project launched by a team of nursing students at UW-Eau Claire is helping to get information about mental health disorders and mental health resources into the hands of young people who need it as well as the adults who support them.

Learn more about this research project

This campus and city are where I learned how to take risks and be bold and love unconditionally. It's where I learned to chase my passions and always rise to the challenge. It grew my confidence and independence. It taught me to always speak my mind. It's where I learned that I am a leader.

Elisabeth Rusch Public Relations

Named a

2022 Best College

in the Midwest

by U.S. News & World Report

Ranked the Best College in WI for

LGBTQIA+ Students

for three consecutive years

by Campus Pride and Best Colleges, 2018-2020

Recognized as a

national leader

in study abroad

by the 2020 Open Doors Report of the Institute of International Education

Photo of student researching in lab as part of Mayo Clinic and UW-Eau Claire partnership

Improving our future: Mayo Clinic Partnership

Participate in research, drive innovation and improve patients' lives alongside world-renowned Mayo Clinic professionals. This ground-breaking partnership aims to break outside the traditional confinements of what is scientific research.

Learn more about our Mayo Clinic Partnership