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Supporting your efforts to pursue a degree

Your education is an investment in yourself and your future, and we believe in supporting you. You may be eligible for financial assistance based on merit through our scholarship program. Each year, UWEC awards over $3 million in scholarships. Awards can range from $150 to more than $8,000 per year.

Apply now!

Scholarships are competitive. We strongly encourage every student to complete the Admissions Scholarship Application. Make sure to activate your account and apply online for scholarships on our Gold for Blugolds scholarship site. Select the Admissions Scholarship Application as this single application allows you to apply for incoming student scholarships.

As part of the application, you will be asked to upload a document detailing your extracurricular/cocurricular activities, service involvement, work experience, etc. We encourage you to use this template to submit that information!

Application deadlines


Students are encouraged to apply by December 1 for competitive/early awards. The final application deadline is February 1.


The scholarship deadline for transfer students is March 1 for fall and November 15 for spring.


Fall/September Semester: June 1
Spring/January Semester: December 1

Students who apply earlier may receive earlier notification of their scholarship award. NOTE: International students must complete a separate application available on the Gold for Blugolds scholarship site.


Students applying to or admitted to a graduate degree program are encouraged to submit the Graduate Student Assistantship/Fellowship/AOP Application by March 1 for the upcoming academic year and summer session. Other department-specific scholarships may have different deadlines. 

Additional scholarship opportunities

We automatically consider you for some additional scholarships based on your application for admission and academic profile. The Admissions Office will notify recipients. To maximize your scholarship options, please submit the Admissions Scholarship application and research private scholarships. You're encouraged to use our Scholarship Resource Center, which includes a searchable database of scholarships external to UW-Eau Claire.

First-Year Honors Scholarship | $1,000

This scholarship is a guaranteed award of $1,000 for incoming first-year students (for fall entry term) who meet the following criteria at point of admission:

  • 28+ ACT composite (1300+ SAT total) and in the top 5%* of high school class (or #1 in your high school class), or
  • 29+ ACT composite (1330+ SAT total) and in the top 10%* of high school class, or
  • 30+ ACT composite (1360+ SAT total) and in the top 15%* of high school class

*or 3.95 unweighted GPA on a 4.0 scale if class rank is unavailable

Out-of-State Awards | $6,000-32,000

Out-of-state awards are for students paying the nonresident or Midwest Tuition Program rate. If your tuition rate is changed to WI or MN Resident, or Return to Wisconsin, this award will be reduced/removed to reflect these changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE! First-year student awards are renewable for up to 3 additional years* (4 years total), and transfer student awards are renewable for up to 1 additional year* (2 years total). Awards are based on the following criteria at the point of admission for fall 2024.

Midwest Tuition Program

  • First-year students: $3,000 per year, 3.5+ unweighted GPA
  • Transfer students: $3,000 per year, 3.0+ cumulative transfer GPA


  • First-year students
    • $3,000 per year, 3.5-3.64 unweighted GPA
    • $6,000 per year, 3.65-3.79 unweighted GPA
    • $8,000 per year, 3.8+ unweighted GPA
  • Transfer students
    • $3,000 per year, 3.0-3.24 cumulative transfer GPA
    • $6,000 per year, 3.25-3.49 cumulative transfer GPA
    • $8,000 per year, 3.5+ cumulative transfer GPA

*Receipt of award for additional years is contingent upon meeting minimum renewability criteria.

Private scholarships

The following are some FREE scholarship search services available online. These searches are designed to help students and parents find available private scholarship dollars. 

NOTE: It is important for students and parents to be aware of scholarship scams. There is no need to spend any money for a scholarship search service.

International scholarships

(Not applicable for China121, exchange or IEP students.)

After activating your account, go to our Gold for Blugolds site to apply online for scholarships. Once you're logged in, select Admissions Scholarship Application.

Incoming International Student Scholarship | $2,000-$8,000

Awarded to admitted degree-seeking international students based on demonstrated academic achievements, involvement in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, and leadership.

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