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Music + Theatre Internships

A foot in the door

The word is out — Blugolds are hard-working and talented, and are highly sought by employers. The step between college and that first job is often an internship.

What kind of internships?

Students can apply for campus internships, like the current choral intern whose duties include creating promotional materials for the voice and choral areas. On a larger scale, there are more distant opportunities like our percussion student who landed the single 6-month internship at the Percussive Arts Society based in Indianapolis. These experiences and connections help to create a wide career network that can take you far after graduation. Other internship opportunities have been at Williamstown Theatre Festival, The Glimmerglass Festival, Santa Fe Opera, Festival Theatre at St. Croix, Utah Opera, and Disney College.

Work on signature events

Every year the Jazz Festival provides multiple internship opportunities for our students. These internships typically include students in graphic design, communications, marketing, volunteer coordinating and an overall festival director. Highly prized, these opportunities give our students the kind of learning that will make them standouts in their fields.

Blugold student teaching at a local school.
Leah Richardson and Cherie Minske

Blugolds go big

Two Blugolds gain valuable work experience through prestigious internships with Grammy Award winner Justin Vernon’s inaugural Eaux Claires festival.

incredible opportunity
Martha Saroogy

the power of AND in action

As the director of marketing at Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, Martha Seroogy is continuing to nurture the AND she discovered during her years on UW-Eau Claire’s campus — she is a marketer AND musician.

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Set your sights high

It might seem far off, but these years are going to fly by much faster than you think. Looking ahead now to internships is essential to fitting it into your degree plan, so be sure you check in with the department and with Career Services in your first couple semesters on campus. From résumé building and interview tips to finding the actual internships available, all the help you need is right here.

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