Jazz Studies

Jazz Studies

Whether it's smooth and soulful or funky and energizing, you recognize jazz immediately when you hear it. In jazz studies at UW-Eau Claire, we focus on teaching undergraduate students the skills they need to get jobs and play with excellence. Our nationally renowned ensembles perform in regularly scheduled concerts and events, as well as develop entrepreneurial projects where students are led by faculty with unbeatable experience.

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Among these concerts and events are the Gatsby's Gala and the Eau Claire Jazz Festival, both large productions that help showcase the power of music in Eau Claire and from the University. In the spirit of community, all students are welcome to join the Grammy-nominated jazz studies area for one-of-a-kind learning and performing opportunities. 

The Eau Claire campus of the University of Wisconsin has one of the most well regarded jazz studies programs in the country.

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Doc Severinson and Jazz Festival

 The Jazz Culture

In the Jazz Studies area, we make a point to be as inclusive as possible of all types of students so that everyone can benefit from the many opportunities we offer students. The program has participants from many cultural, academic, and musical backgrounds. The goal here is for all students to learn from our faculty as well as from one another. In order to facilitate this kind of group learning, we regularly host Jazz Series events such as clinics and masterclasses, which bring phenomenal artists from around the world to the University. Additionally, there are open jam sessions every Monday night that are held at and sponsored by The Lakely eatery in downtown Eau Claire.

Students at UW-Eau Claire listening to music

News + Events

See some of what's currently going on within the program, and what some of our proud alumni are up to.

News + Events

The opportunities that have been granted to me here are extraordinary. From accompanying professional musicians, playing in jazz bands, to conducting operas and musicals, I have had experiences that have not only shaped me as a musician, but as a human being as well. There just isn’t another place like Music & Theatre Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Miles Plant | Student
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