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If you want to take your dance skills to the next level, think about auditioning for UW-Eau Claire’s primary dance performance group, The Ensemble. These students are dedicated and committed to physical practice and theoretical studies and take on intensive practices to hone their skills. You will meet national and international dance artists to help further your knowledge and abilities in dance.

Through dance courses, the dance certificate and student organizations, there are many opportunities for students to explore dance at UWEC. Beginning and advanced courses in ballet, modern, jazz and tap are regularly taught. A variety of professional dancers serve as guests in courses and rehearsals, expanding the exposure students receive to diverse dancers. Students can participate in the annual dance concert, which is performed at Pablo Center, with choreography by students, faculty and guests.

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Hip Hop class.

The department of music and theatre arts is the reason I call UWEC home. The staff genuinely cares about my success and the students have become lifelong friends. I cannot imagine who I would be without the talented and inspiring individuals who make up this facet of the university and encourage me to do what I love.

Dana Strothenke Theatre Arts
Actors as statues during the Viennese Ball.

Find the shows for you

Looking for music, theatre, or dance performances to be a part of or simply attend and enjoy? Check out the amazing musical, theatrical, and dance events that shine all year at UWEC.

Entertainment awaits
Frost book collection at UWEC

All about history community resources

The Chippewa Valley community is great support and network for our history students. We value the partnerships we have within the community for internships, research, and career opportunities for our students.

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