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Elevate your art

The study of theatre arts at UW-Eau Claire provides students with an outstanding liberal arts education and fosters the development and appreciation of theatre as a significant art form. Theatre students begin their training immediately at UW-Eau Claire, working in a disciplined group effort, under real-life pressures and deadlines to develop actual productions for a paying public that drives the theatre arts mainstage and workshop productions.

Many students participate as theatre majors and minors; others participate in theatre as an important complement to their major area of study, such as music and art; still others get involved because it is a wonderful alternate activity and because it is fun.

Theatre events for 2020-21

  • Out of My Dreams, A Revue! (Streaming Nov. 25-31)
  • Disruptions: Illusion/Reality. A Shakespeare Experiment (Available Late January/Early February)
  • Site Specific Podcast (Untitled as of yet) Available Late April
  • Three Penny Opera – May 6-9 - Streaming on Perigon

Be a part of the shows

Check here soon for information about becoming a part of the cast or crew for this season's shows.

Enjoy this time-lapsed video of the James and the Giant Peach load-in!

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