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Become a music teacher at UWEC

You might have a music teacher, conductor or director who helped inspire your passion for the arts. Encouraging the love of music and helping youth hone their musical skills is a noble calling. Music education has been central to UWEC since its foundation in 1917. We have a 100% placement rate for our music education graduates of whom we are very proud. 

We offer many experiences to help our students develop as educators. Opportunities include organizing festivals for middle school and high school students, serving in leadership positions in the marching band, participating in immersion programs and engaging in student organizations focused on music education. Music education students also receive frequent exposure to public school classroom settings through various practica, and the program culminates with a semester of student teaching. Faculty from across the department — from bands, choirs and orchestra — contribute to the music education curriculum. 

Here at UW-Eau Claire, I made leaps and bounds in my musical skill and accomplished musical feats that I had never dreamed were possible for me.

Sydney Rabata Teaching - All Music, Choral Emphasis

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Learn more about our teaching - all music, instrumental emphasis, BMEd program

Learn more about our teaching - all music, choral emphasis, BMEd program

The best of both worlds

Pursuing music education at UW-Eau Claire doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal musical growth in order to focus on teaching. Here, you can learn — and excel — in both. Through a variety of ensembles, the chance to learn from guest composers and dozens of high-quality performance opportunities, you’ll discover what it takes to become a well-rounded musician — bringing a new level of skill, knowledge and confidence into your own classrooms.  

Hear from several future teachers on what they loved about UWEC and how they were able to use what they learned to become better teachers and musicians themselves. 

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