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Some of the best ways to embrace the UW-Eau Claire experience are to get involved on and off campus. Whether you choose to join a leadership committee, volunteer in the community or join a Greek organization, there's no shortage of things to be a part of.

We see a strong connection between academic success here and the level of campus involvement students choose. Some ways to get involved are connected to classes, like academic clubs. Some ways involve pursuing a passion or hobby in a student organization. Still more ways to dive into the Blugold life will take you down a path of leadership opportunities on and off campus. It's really up to you — just know that we make it hard to resist the variety of places and options for embracing life as a Blugold in active and fun ways!

Explore, discover, grow

Trying something new or different at UWEC opens doors to valuable experiences, new passions and a sense of preparedness for life after college. Whether you join a club, become an RA or take your studies to the field, you'll be challenged to explore, discover and grow.

And the benefits can be life-changing. Hear from several Blugolds about which opportunities they found on campus and how those experiences have shaped them for what's next. 


student organizations


Intramural offerings


Singers in 6 choirs

Blu's Organization Bash

Being a student at UW-Eau Claire is something you cannot explain to students at other universities — the bond created amongst each other here is truly remarkable. During my four years here I have created friendships that will last the rest of my life.

Charlie Seffinga Marketing - Professional Sales
Students doing Zumba on lower campus mall

Recreation + Intramurals

Maintaining an active lifestyle is a huge part of your experience at UW-Eau Claire. Sixty percent of the students here are involved in some kind of recreational activity — whether indoor or outdoor, spring or fall.

Have fun, stay active
UWEC student enjoying the event on the campus mall on the first day of classes

Activities + Leadership

Find out how you can be involved at UWEC. Join student organizations or Greek life, or explore the many leadership opportunities, all designed to build active citizens. Engaged students are successful students, so nurture your passions here.

Dive in to UWEC
Greek Life students sharing information at Blu's Organization Bash

Greek Life

The fraternity and sorority experience at UWEC can be an exciting and fulfilling part of your college career. Greek life offers many opportunities for fun, friendship, personal growth and professional networking.

Go Greek!
UWEC student poses with Fiji school children


Not all clubs and organizations are a break from your academics. Departments on campus have organizations that directly relate to your area of study. These groups take you further into the practical applications of what you're learning in the classroom.

Explore service-learning

Student Senate: A unique campus opportunity

Students have a strong voice at UW-Eau Claire through the elected representatives of the Student Senate. That collective voice influences many program and service decisions on campus. Sponsored by the Dean of Students Office, Student Senate represents the student body at the university at the local, state and federal levels. This is not your average student activity or opportunity, so if you are passionate about student affairs, academics and the social/political climate of your campus, consider a run for Student Senate. 

The ways that Student Senate's processes and decisions impact student life are almost too numerous to count, but here are a few of the major areas of policy, program and service that are impacted by Student Senate membership and legislation: 

  • Student health insurance
  • Student legal services
  • Online voter registration
  • UWEC House Watch
  • Blu the mascot
  • University activities
  • Student Office of Sustainability
  • Equity in student matters
  • Finance/allocation of student segregated fees
  • Student affairs/student organizations
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