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Involvement in campus organizations is an important part of the university's total education program. These groups offer social and service opportunities for their members, the university, and the community at large. Membership can broaden acquaintances, develop leadership ability, build decision-making and problem-solving skills, and complement classroom instruction. Part of your involvement on campus includes the new Blugold Connect system! Blugold Connect is the University's online student engagement platform.


This new online platform will be your one-stop connection to engagement and leadership opportunities at UW-Eau Claire. Every student on campus will have access to Blugold Connect, and as a user, you can explore over 230 clubs, organizations, departments, and programs on campus. This online community will allow users to create events, check-in at events through your mobile phone, manage your student organization, participate in campus elections and much more! 


So many ways to get involved!

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Student Organizations and Leadership Center

The Student Organizations and Leadership Center located in Davies Center 220 (second level) provides services and is home base to more than 230 campus organizations.

The space includes:

  • The Activities, Involvement & Leadership Office Staff
  • Meeting rooms for student organization use only
  • Organization mailboxes
  • Reservable locker spaces
  • Computer Stations and printers
  • Workshop
  • Student Senate Office

Workshops/conferences for student leaders and advisors are conducted annually; workshops and publications are designed to assist organizational development; and recognition programs are designed to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of individuals and organizations.

Student Organization and Advisor Handbook - 2019-2020

Contact the staff in the Student Organizations and Leadership Center for more information:

Sara Thommesen
Senior Coordinator of Engagement
(715) 836-4020 •

Nicole Rindone
Senior Coordinator of Events & Marketing
(715) 836-2787 •

Katy Rand
Senior Coordinator of Leadership & Greek Life
(715) 836-4803 •

Tina Killey
Financial Specialist & Office Manager
(715) 836-3816 •

Morgan Babcock
Events & Programs Coordinator

Jessica Valentino
A.I.L. Graduate Assistant

Erin Hazen
A.I.L. Graduate Assistant

Foong Min Wong
Blugold Connect Training & Website Intern

Stephanie Pyykola
Student Senate Program Associate
(715) 836-4646 •

Student Organizations Commission Director
(715) 836-4646 •

If you can't find what you are looking for, check out information on how to start a new organization.
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