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A message from the chancellor

Every time I read UW-Eau Claire's mission statement, I'm struck by the inspirational and audacious tone that charts our course. We strive for excellence at UW-Eau Claire. It's the foundation of all we do and the culture we create. Not only does excellence continue to be our measure and our goal, but since I began serving as the eighth chancellor on July 1, 2013, I've challenged our campus to remember three guiding concepts as we go about our work: public good, audacity and joy.

Public good

It is our purpose to enhance the public good through the graduates we produce, and through the scholarship, research and service our faculty and staff provide to our communities.


This is one of my favorite words and I use it often. To me it means that we should dare to lead as a university and not be shy to share our successes with the outside world.


Joy is about connecting to what really matters. It's about having the opportunity to think — and do — big things. I eagerly invite you to help me create a campus community that is defined by the joy of working together in a mission that will literally change the world.


At the start of my eleventh year as chancellor, I added Gratitude as a fourth guiding concept for our work together. Expressions of gratitude rekindle dampened spirits, unlock new energies, and reveal the exponential power of our interdependence. None of us could do this without all the rest of us. With gratitude, we can all do big things.

Author Michael Perry, ’87, on Gratitude

2023 State of the University Address

Guidepost goals

Our Guidepost Goals are the driving force behind our plans for UW-Eau Claire’s future:


of students participating in at least one high-impact learning experience


of first-year students retained to their second year


of students graduating within four years 


enrollment of students of color, and elimination of the opportunity gap

Key initiatives

In support of our Guidepost Goals, we have created the 2025 Strategic Plan; Academic Master Plan; and Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Plan. Read the details below.

UREP Mayo in Rochester program, Megan Schleuster and Abhashek Chandra in the lab

UWEC and Mayo Clinic Research

A master collaborative research agreement between UW-Eau Claire and Mayo Clinic Health System enables new research collaborations between Mayo clinicians and Blugold faculty, staff and students to create outcomes that will positively impact patient care.

Learn more about our partnership with Mayo Clinic
Quin Hu

Blugold Supercomputing Cluster

We’ve got something as high performing as you are. This Blugold supercomputing cluster allows students to understand areas of science in multiple disciplines.

Learn more about our partnership with HPE
Students make their way through Garfield avenue on lower campus.

Our 2025 Strategic Plan

The 2025 Strategic Plan is a vision of a bold future for UW-Eau Claire. Read about our commitment to the students of today and tomorrow.

Learn more about our strategic plan
Schofield Hall facing pedestrian bridge

The Division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

The division of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion coordinates efforts to increase recruitment and retention of students and faculty of color and from all other marginalized groups, improving the campus climate to ensure higher levels of success for all.

Learn more about our Division of EDI

About UWEC

Aerial view of UW-Eau Claire campus

UWEC Points of Pride

UW-Eau Claire's latest awards, recognitions and achievements.

Learn more about our recent rankings and awards
Campus Fall 2020

About UW-Eau Claire

The difference between a good college education and a transformative academic experience is the life you uncover along the way. And there's a lot of life at UW-Eau Claire!

Learn more about UWEC
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