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Emergency information

In the event of an emergency on campus, the UW-Eau Claire community will be notified via the following:

  • Messages on the university home page.
  • Messages posted from UW-Eau Claire's Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Pop-up messages on all university computers connected to the campus network.
  • Messages sent to all campus email addresses.
  • Notifications sent to all cell phone numbers and non-university email addresses registered through Omnilert, UW-Eau Claire's emergency notification system.
  • Messages on digital signs in campus buildings.
  • Announcements over the campuswide interior and exterior public address system.


The emergency notification system for UW-Eau Claire students, faculty and staff is called Omnilert. All campus email addresses are automatically sent emergency notifications via Omnilert. Current students, faculty and staff also may have notifications sent to cell phone numbers and non-university email addresses by adding those numbers and addresses in their Omnilert settings.

Follow these instructions to subscribe to Omnilert or change your settings:

  • Log in with the link below using your UW-Eau Claire username and password.
  • If registering a cell phone, know the name of your cell phone provider and have your cell phone with you and turned on.
  • Add only non-UW-Eau Claire email addresses.
  • Your cell service provider's standard text-messaging rates will apply.

Important Contacts

University Police (Non-Emergency): 715-836-2222
Center for Awareness of Sexual Assault: 715-836-HELP
Counseling Services: 715-836-5521
Student Health Service: 715-836-4311
Dean of Students: 715-836-5626
Mayo Clinic Health System- Eau Claire Hospital: 715-838-3311
Sacred Heart Hospital: 715-717-4222