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Important information about safety at UWEC

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Risk Management and Safety's Ergonomics Team offers services to University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Employees to promote wellness through an efficient and safe work environment.

Useful Links

UWEC Ergonomics Video

Ergonomics for Telecommuters


All services are free to UWEC staff and students.

  • Get answers to questions via e-mail:
  • Workstation Evaluation:
  1. Complete the Computer Workstation Self-Assessment and e-mail to
  2. Try the adjustments suggested on the self-assessment.
  3. The Ergonomics Team will contact you after receiving your self-assessment to schedule a Workstation Evaluation.
  • Contact the RMSS Department for assistance with ergonomic supplies, such as, keyboards, wrist rests, or a computer mouse.
  • Sample ergonomic chairs can be requested by completing the Ergonomic Chair Sample Request eForm.
  • Our Stretching Brochure offers suggested stretches that can be done right at your desk.
  • If you're still looking for more information, OSHA's Computer Workstation eTool offers more detailed explanations on proper workstation setup and use.
Working in Isolation

The Working in Isolation policy addresses safety when working alone and considers issues such as spotting a hazard, assessing risk, and finding a safer alternative. The policy guides individuals to include risk control measures that cover engineering controls, administrative controls and the use of personal protective equipment. When working in isolation, please be aware of potential hazards in the work area, mitigate or control those hazards, follow proper safety procedures, and communicate with your supervisor or co-workers when an emergency arises.

Working in Isolation eForm


Who should complete eForm?

    • All faculty, staff, students, and volunteers working in isolation, both on and off campus
    • activity could potentially result in exposure to hazardous materials or equipment that pose a high risk of serious injury or illness

How often should eForm be completed?

    • Should be completed annually

Who should I call with questions on eForm?

Facility Use

This page provides guidance and requirements for using facilities at all UW-Eau Claire campuses.

Facility use requests may be administered through various campus units, including:


The use of UW-Eau Claire facilities by non-University entities and individuals for events that are not sponsored by a University unit require the following:

    • A signed Facility Use Agreement with the applicable campus unit, including compliance with the Coverage of Certain Users and Lessees of University Lands and Facilities section of the University of Wisconsin System Criminal Background Check Policy. Sample facility use agreements are available here (short form) and here (long form).
    • A Certificate of Insurance evidencing appropriate insurance coverage. Insurance coverage requirements will vary depending on facility use type, however minimum coverages can be found here.
      • If non-university entity does not have a current Certificate of Insurance, there is an option to apply for special event insurance called TULIP.

Campus Sponsored Events

University departments are covered by the UW System’s statutory liability coverage for events that are within the scope of their mission. University departments may also sponsor events held on campus, but unless there is significant oversight of the event by faculty/staff in the department, the statutory liability coverage MAY not extend to the specific activity being sponsored. In that case, the organization that is hosting the event, may need to purchase Special Events insurance coverage, if they do not already have a liability policy. Contact Risk Management for case review.

UW-Eau Claire units requiring proof of insurance for campus sponsored events or assistance with their off-campus sponsored event may contact Risk Management, Safety & Sustainability.

Additional policies and procedures are listed below.

Severe Weather
Knowing what to do when there is a risk of severe weather can keep both you and the campus community safe.


Sirens only will sound for locations in the path of severe weather based on National Weather Service data available at the time. Instead of issuing warnings for entire counties, warnings will be issued based on the paths of storms. The Eau Claire County Siren System is tested at 11 a.m. on the first Monday of the month throughout the year.


A watch is an indication of where and when weather conditions may present severe weather or tornadoes. The National Weather Service will issue a bulletin to local authorities as well as local television and radio stations.

  • Use available means to obtain more emergency or severe weather information (i.e. radio, television, weather alert radio, Internet services)
  • Communicate information to others
  • Know where emergency/severe weather shelters are located in your building, if needed


When severe weather or tornadoes are approaching Eau Claire County, the National Weather Service will notify local authorities and radio and television stations. The Eau Claire County Weather Siren System then will be activated.

  • All persons immediately should seek shelter in the nearest designated severe weather or emergency shelter and assist in protecting the safety of others who may need assistance or direction
  • Go to the basement or an interior room of the nearest building if the location of an emergency is unknown
  • Avoid rooms with large roofs (i.e. auditoriums, gymnasiums or similar large rooms)
  • Stay away from all windows and exterior doors
If you are caught outdoors
  • Stay away from anything taller than you or items with metal
  • Stay away from water
  • Take shelter somewhere that doesn't stand above the landscape - not under large trees or in isolated sheds
  • If there is no shelter, find a low spot or ditch. Kneel, put your hands on your knees and bend forward. Don't lie flat on the ground
StormReady & Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

UW-Eau Claire is now recognized as being StormReady, through the National Weather Service (NOAA). This program is a partnership between various counties, state organizations, government sites and other groups with a goal of making our communities more alert and aware of weather related events. UWEC joins 4 other UW universities as well as numerous other entities in Wisconsin. Being approved for this accreditation, means the organization has extensive and detailed weather-related processes or procedures in place. The organization creates systems to monitor weather conditions locally and promotes the importance of weather readiness. You can find more information on StormReady here

NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

UW-Eau Claire is recognized as a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador. This initiative is an effort to formally recognize NOAA partners who are improving the nation's readiness against extreme weather, water, and climate events. As a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, UWEC is committed to working with NOAA and other Ambassadors to strengthen national resilience against extreme weather.

NOAA Ambassador Logo

Learn more

Nalox-Zone Rescue Boxes

What are they?

The box contains Narcan (the brand name of Naloxone) and other resources to be used to help save a life.  Narcan spray is a prescription medicine designed to rapidly reverse opioid overdose. Boxes include Narcan nasal sprays, mask and instructions. 

When to use?

Anytime a person is showing signs of an opioid overdose.

Narcan Box

What are the signs of an Opioid Overdose?

May include unusual sleepiness, unusual difficulty waking up, or breathing problems.

Who can use it?

Anyone who needs Narcan (emergency or non-emergency)

How do I use it?

There are instructions within the box.  There are also training videos you can watch now to be prepared for the future.

Where can I find a box?

There are 19 boxes located next to an AED throughout campus.  One in each of the residence halls, Davies Center, Hilltop Center, Library, McPhee, Fine Arts, Zorn and Barron County.

What happens when box is opened?

Narcan Spray Instructions

Police will not respond unless you call them, they are not automatically notified when the box is opened.  The campus will be notified electronically, but only for the purpose of re-stocking the box and is not always immediately received.  

Where can I find more information?

Please visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

What do You Know About Opioids

Know the Signs of Opioid Overdose

AED Locations

Automated External Defibrillators (AED) are important, life-saving equipment. The medical device can deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm. Training on using AED's is available free to UWEC employees, click here for more information.

Locations of AED's, located on both Eau Claire and Barron County campuses, can be found here. 

Field Trip Guidelines

Field trips help expose students to experiences they may not be able to gain in the classroom. Along with the educational experiences a field trip offers, comes additional safety and security risks.

Geology students during a field experience

The Department of Risk Management, Safety and Sustainability (RMSS) has created guidelines to help in the planning of field trips, occurring as part of the scope of a UW-Eau Claire course, program, or event. 

Please review the following guidelines and contact RMSS at if you have any questions.

Field Trip Guidelines

Policies and Procedures
Additional Resources
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