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Worker’s Compensation is a benefit program that pays for medical treatment and wages lost due to eligible work-related injuries or illnesses.

What to do after being treated?

The timely return of injured employees to productive roles in the workforce is one of the key components of the worker’s compensation mission. UW-System gathered input and feedback on how to make this process efficient, resulting in the creation of the Return to Work: Worker's Compensation (UWSA Policy 635).

To assist campuses with implementation of this policy, please utilize the Return to Work Process Flow Template, describing steps to a successful return to work.

Return to Work - Step 1

Employee must provide the following forms to their Healthcare Provider for completion. Once completed, return the Fitness For Duty form to Supervisor which must then be forwarded to Worker's Compensation Coordinator.

Letter to treating Healthcare Provider

Fitness for Duty Form

Return to Work - Step 2

Worker's Compensation Coordinator (WCC) and/or Supervisor determines if employee can return to work with or without restrictions.

  • If work is available (considering restrictions) within existing department
    • Employee and Supervisor discuss start dates/times
  • If work is available (considering restrictions) within a different department at University
  • If work is unavailable due to lack of job availability or employee refusal
Return to Work - Step 3

Employee informs Worker's Compensation Coordinator or Supervisor of any changes to conditions by providing documentation of updated medical restrictions or the ability to resume pre- injury work status.



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