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Go Green by Going Blu


The BluBox Program is a reusable food container program launched in the Fall 2021 that was designed to reduce disposable container waste on our beautiful campus. Using a Blugold ID, individuals will obtain a free token that will then be exchanged for a BluBox reusable container while dining on campus. When the individual is done eating, the food is emptied into the appropriate bins.

The containers are made in the USA, reusable up to 1,000 times, and can then be ground down, recycled and remade into more reusable containers. This is called a “closed-loop" technology solution.

BluBox machines are located in the Davies Center and in Hilltop Market. Everyone on campus with a Blugold ID is required to participate in the program.


University of Wisconsin Eau Claire


Earth Day Contest Finalist

UWEC was a finalist in the Earth Day Contest conducted by OZZI.  This is the organization UWEC purchased the BluBox containers, tokens and machines through.  

How to BluBox



Where do I get my token?

New students receive their token during orientation. Existing students can pick up their first token at the Marketplace or Hilltop cash registers. If individuals need to buy back into the program due to the loss of a token, new tokens can be obtained for $5 at the cash registers in Marketplace or Hilltop. 

What if I lose my token or container?

If you lose a token or container, they are considered lost, and you will have to buy back into the program for $7. There are no refunds, and the tokens have no cash value. You may use cash, credit or debit card, or dining dollars to buy additional tokens. We recommend getting a keychain coin-holder so you can always have your token on hand.


If the BluBox machine does not return a token to you:

What if the BluBox machine does not give me my token back?

If the BluBox machine fails to return your token, please visit the Service Center to request a replacement. Completing a refund form will be required for verification.

What if I would like multiple meals or containers at one time?

Your first token and container are free. You can purchase additional tokens for $5.00 each.

Will there be single-use containers?

All meals will be served in BluBox containers. There will be some instances where single-use containers will still be used. For example, prepackaged salads, sandwiches and soups may be offered in single-use containers. Visitors may also have the option to obtain a single-use container.

Are campus visitors required to get a token?

Visitors taking part in a campus tour will be issued a “visitor sticker” through the Admissions Office. Visitors should attach their sticker to a shirt or jacket that is visible to dining staff. Dining staff will provide those visitors with a one-time use container or provide the visitor with a BluBox container and ask them to return the container and token to dining staff after eating.

Do I need to return my token after graduation or leaving the institution?

Individuals are not required to return their BluBox token; however if you would like to return the token, please bring it back to the Blugold Card Office.

What is the environmental impact of this program?

In 2022 the BluBox program helped us avoid sending over 100,000 single-use containers to the landfill! 

  • Water usage to manufacture and clean each container is 25% less than single-use disposable containers
  • Greenhouse gas emissions to create and clean each container is 19% fewer than single-use disposable containers
  • Reduces landfill and ocean waste
  • Reduces dependence on fossil fuels by limiting deliveries of disposable containers
  • Saves waste hauling costs
  • Saves trees and reduces emissions
  • Saves on space used to store single-use container paper products


Ideas, Feedback or Questions?

Email the Sustainability Team