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Sustainability-focused internships and assistantships

The Administrative Office of Sustainability offers both graduate assistantships and is entering year one of our new internship program. Four internships, known as "student coordinator positions" are available, and AOS will be hiring these coordinators in Fall 2023 via Handshake. The positions are:

  • Green Labs Student Coordinator
  • Sustainability Data Collection Student Coordinator
  • Equity & food security Student Coordinator, in partnership with the office of Multicultural Student Services 
  • Waste Reduction Student Coordinator

Additionally, the Student Office of Sustainability offers multiple student leadership positions. These positions are separate and autonomous from the AOS, and offer a direct opportunity for student activism, giving you the power to lobby administration for the changes you want to see on our campus. Co Directors are hired in the Spring, and student coordinators are hired in the early fall as the semester begins. SOS positions include:

  • SOS Student Senate Co-Director
  • SOS Student Co-Director 
  • Education Coordinator
  • Events & activism Coordinator
  • Operations Coordinator
  • Graphic design Coordinator
  • Communications & media Coordinator
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The Student Office of Sustainability

See what we're doing to better our campus community! This means when we look at proposals, we're looking to see that they benefit our students in a "big picture" sense.

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