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Safety is a top priority at UWEC

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Our goal is to develop processes and provide education to help keep our campuses safe. A safe environment will enable us to flourish while learning, working and living on campus.


New Employee Safety Orientation

UWEC employees should be trained and aware of numerous safety concerns and high-risk situations while working on campus. That is especially true for new employees here at UW-Eau Claire, and throughout the Universities of Wisconsin. To help ensure our employee's safety, the New Employee Safety Orientation video was created. Please watch this video when joining the Blugold team, or as an annual refresher.


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UWEC Security Assessment

Click here to read our current Security Assessment. (Coming soon)

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Personal Safety Tips

Find safety tips here.

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SafeWalk / SafeRide

Travel safely with this program.

Narcan Box

Nalox-Zone Rescue Boxes

Click here for more information.

HD 2


Resources to promote workstation wellness.

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Hill Closure

A section of the northeast bound Garfield Ave. vehicle lane has been closed for future steam pit repairs. Beginning November 13th 2023, the northern most set of stairs will also be closed for the winter of 2023-24 because of the crosswalk degree of slope and the inability to clear winter snow and ice.  Signs will be placed on the sidewalk between Governors Hall and Horan Hall alerting pedestrians of this stairway closure.  See map Closed staircase 23/24 winter season for sidewalk/stair closure locations.  The two sets of stairs around Hilltop Center and the hill sidewalk will remain open for pedestrian traffic.

For your safety please do not ride bicycles, skateboards, or scooters on the hill roadway.

Accessibility Map

To help our campus be more accessible to all individuals, UW-Eau Claire has created Accessibility Maps. These maps help identify accessible parking spaces, ramps, elevators, automatic doors and more.

Upper Campus Map - ADA Accessibility

Upper Campus Map - ADA Accessibility

Lower Campus Map - ADA Accessibility

Lower Campus Map - ADA Accessibility

Blugold Safety Program
Campus safety

Blugold Safety Program

Offered through UWEC’s Department of Risk Management, Safety and Sustainability, this program was created to help increase safety on campus and, at the same time, help lower the risk of injury.

The program is designed to increase awareness of employee safety and to provide a funding tool that allows the campus to invest in loss prevention programs and efforts.  The program is to help reduce... 1)property loss claims, 2)employee injuries and 3)corresponding workers' compensation claims.

Goals: The university will use this program to help fund department-requested Loss Prevention/Loss Control ("LP/LC") projects through an application process.  Benefits may include:

  • Increased safety measures
  • Improved efficiencies and compliance
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Fewer accidents

Applications: Departments must complete the “Blugold Safety Program Funding Application” form for their project proposals.  These LP/LC proposals can be submitted by any department from UWEC Eau Claire campus or Barron County Campus.  The application form can be found here.

Project proposals should address areas concerning risk relating to Workers’ Compensation, Liability, and/or Property.  You must also obtain approval of the supervisor within your department.  All proposals are subject to applicable procurement, purchasing, and servicing requirements.

All proposals will be reviewed and approved by the University Safety Committee. Maximum funding assistance is $2,500 and subject to approval. Completed proposals will be reviewed by the University Safety Committee.

More information and program guidelines click Blugold Safety Program Guidelines 

University Safety Committee

UW-Eau Claire formed a diverse group of experienced and knowledgeable participants to help foster collaborations for the purpose of increasing awareness of safety and security concepts throughout the campus community and educating/engaging students, faculty, staff and community members.

Meetings were conducted on:

December 15, 2021

May 4, 2022

October 13, 2022

February 8, 2023

Incident Report and eForm

This form should be used to report any injury that is NOT a work-related injury or any property damage or dangerous situation, including incidents that could have caused an injury or property damage if conditions were slightly different (this is called a “near miss”).

For work related injuries, complete the Worker’s Comp Injury Report instead.

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