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Safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals

Hazardous Waste Removal Process

Hazardous Waste Removal Process

The removing of hazardous waste can now be initiated by completing an eForm.  This process will help with identifying, tracking, and storing important waste removal information. 

  1. To begin, click Hazardous Waste Request to be redirected to the eForm
  2. Complete the eForm
  3. Risk Management will contact you to schedule the pickup

Any questions, please email 

Chemical Spill Information

Emergency Action:

Any accidents, injuries, or spills of chemical reagents or hazardous waste must be reported to the Laboratory Supervisor immediately.


Go to a phone and dial 9-911; or use a cell phone.


Pull the fire alarm, or go to a phone and dial 9-911; or use a cell phone.

Minor spills:

Can be cleaned up by the laboratory personnel or supervisor if they are knowledgeable of the hazards and have appropriate training and equipment. For larger or more serious spills of chemical reagents or hazardous waste, call Diane Hunter (office #839-3999)

Reporting Accidents:

The laboratory supervisor is responsible for completing the Incident Report form, and giving a copy of the form to the 1)Chemical stockroom, 2)Chemical Hygiene Officer, and 3)EH&S Manager in the Department of Risk Management. The Chemical Hygiene Officer will save these forms.

OSHA and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

According to OSHA’s Hazardous Communications Standard, employers are required to maintain safety data sheets for hazardous chemicals, and ensure that they are readily accessible during each work shift to employees when they are in their work areas.

OSHA’s Hazardous Communications Standard

To ensure UWEC meets this standard, Risk Management & Safety launched ChemWatch in January 2018 as the program to provide faculty, staff, students and visitors access to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) when requested and allows us to track chemicals that are stored in labs. Department personnel are responsible for updating their chemical inventories and the Department of Risk Management and Safety will post updated versions of the inventories to the floor kiosks on a regular basis to ensure you have the needed SDSs at your fingertips.

SDS Kiosk Laptops

RMSS provided SDS Kiosk laptops for all faculty, staff, and students who would like to view or have access to a Safety Data Sheet for their department. There is no need to login. Just click on the folder name for your department. More instructions are posted next to these stations. SDS kiosk locations include:

  • Hibbard Hall (113)
  • Facilities (120)
  • Phillips Hall (107, 171, 367, 410E)
  • HFA (104, 313)
  • Pablo Center (240)
  • Barron County

SDSs are also available as read-only using the link below. No passwords are needed to access the program.



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