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Value + Affordability

Positioned for success

It takes more than a degree to make a difference in today's evolving global economy. It requires skills that prepare graduates to lead, communicate, collaborate, think critically and adapt in step with an ever-changing world. This set of skills is precisely what a liberal arts education offers, and UW-Eau Claire delivers it better than most.

Ranked No. 1 among Wisconsin and Minnesota public regional universities in quality, affordability and alumni success, we say with confidence that UW-Eau Claire can provide you with exceptional academics, a distinguished degree, and a path to career success at an affordable cost.

We understand all the considerations that students and families must take into account when looking at universities, and we want to help you choose wisely. Below are some important facts to consider when selecting a college, and they all point to UW-Eau Claire as the regional institution most worthy of your investment. 

Why UW-Eau Claire?

Students on first day, fall 2019

Ranked among the best

UW-Eau Claire ranks fourth among the top 33 public regional universities in the Midwest according to U.S. News & World Report’s 2020 Best Colleges listing released today.

25 years in top rankings
#1 in WI and MN

#1 among WI and MN schools

UW-Eau Claire is the top ranked public regional university in WI and MN for quality, affordability and alumni success, according to MONEY’s 2018 “Best Colleges for Your Money” list.

Best value option
National map for value ranking

Top 13% in the country

The latest ranking puts UW-Eau Claire in the top 13% of colleges nationally for added value in terms of employability and earnings. Overall cost, time to graduate, placement rates and salaries are components of this ranking methodology.

The right choice for value
Total loans taken out for college graph

Lower total loans taken

Factors like our rising 4-year graduation rate and robust campus employment program allow Blugolds to graduate with lower student loan totals than the average public or private undergraduate school in Wisconsin or Minnesota.

Blugolds borrow less
Dollar bill icon

$45,773 average starting salary

Each year we survey our most recent graduates about their employment status. Of the respondents for 2018 graduates, we can report that the average starting salary for first career job placement in their field is over $45.5k.

2017 alumni jobs survey
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