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The University Centers is a financially self-supporting part of the Division of Student Affairs. Providing for basic needs that are vital to student success, the unit develops and implements a variety of involvement and leadership experiences, diversity and cultural growth initiatives, and community outreach.

The University Centers provides services that are integral to campus life, including the undergraduate textbook rental program, the meal plan required for nearly all campus residents, and the official university ID card. The unit is responsible for all non-academic reservations on campus, ticketing of campus events, bookstore services, dining services and vending campuswide. The University Centers manages all state-purchased off-campus printing in accordance with state law, and provides the central source of campus information.

Students are encouraged to actively engage in any number of activities including student organizations, administrative committees, leadership development, volunteer service, and participation in a diverse array of programs and events. These varying experiences help students to develop new skills, reflect on their personal identity and place in the world, and become engaged citizens.

The University Centers comprises three buildings — Davies Center, Hilltop Center and Crest Wellness Center — that serve as the community center for the campus. The University Centers is also responsible for Schofield Auditorium and Zorn Arena, multipurpose facilities that are frequently used for events.

Smoking is prohibited on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus except in designated areas and on city-owned streets that run through campus. Davies Center and its terraces are smoke-free; smoking is permitted only at the loading dock southwest of the building. Details on the campuswide smoking policy are available on the website of Facilities Management.