Guest Artists

We bring the world to you

When we say our Blugolds have a global experience, a big part of that is the world-renowned guest artists who visit as part of music and theatre arts. The extra bonus is that the entire campus and the community are all able to attend their performances. The lessons learned in master classes are invaluable to music, theatre and dance students, who take away tips about the art as well as the industry. These are things that can’t be taught in typical classrooms.

John Raymond.

Why guest artists are so important

Dr. Ken Periera distills the overall value to students, community and campus of being able to bring someone like Grammy winning opera performer Sylvia McNair. It multiplies the learning experience exponentially!

Who's who in music and theatre? 

Here is a look at some of the guest artists from past academic years.

See the master calendar for all upcoming guest artists.

Guest jazz artist Randy Brecker

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