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A Bicycle Friendly University

Biking to and from UW-Eau Claire campus can be an inexpensive and sustainable form of transportation for students, faculty, and staff who live in and around the Eau Claire area. Not only does biking incur a minimal carbon footprint compared to other methods of transportation, thus making it more environmentally favorable, but it also provides added health benefits for frequent bikers. But most importantly, biking to campus can be a lot of fun!

Bike Rules and Guidelines

  • In the interest of keeping our campus beautiful and safe, please park your bike in a designated bike rack location throughout campus. Bikes not parked in designated parking areas will be given a warning requesting the bike be moved within 48 hours of the notice.
  • If bikes are impeding traffic, blocking ADA access or damaging property, the bike is subject to immediate removal. If bike owners do not remove them within 48 hours of the warning, the bike will be removed and impounded by the facilities department. Bike owners will have 30 days from the day of removal to claim their bikes by calling 715-836-3411, Monday-Friday between 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Any bikes not claimed after 30 days will be sold in the facilities surplus sale. 
  • Temporary bike racks on campus are removed each fall. Notices will be posted prior to the removal of the racks. If your bike was attached to a rack and was removed along with the bike rack, please contact facilities 715-836-3411.
  • In an effort to reduce the number of abandoned bikes on campus, once during the summer, bikes that appear to be abandoned will be tagged with a warning giving them 30 days to remove the bike from the rack. If the bikes are not removed after 30 days, the bike will be removed and impounded by the facilities department. Any bikes that are impounded will be sold in the facilities surplus sale. If you think your bike was improperly removed call 715-836-3411.
  • Bicycles may only park in designated areas located around campus. To prevent theft, please lock your bicycle.
  • Permits are not required.

Bike and Longboard Center

If you are looking to rent a bike or bike locker or need to get your bike or longboard serviced, get details from our Bike and Longboard Center.

Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The UW-Eau Claire Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is a strategic outline for evaluating existing bicycle and pedestrian resources on campus and for providing a functional foundation for implementing recommended program initiatives in order to make UW-Eau Claire a more bicycle-friendly university. During the Fall 2014 Semester, the plan will continue through the University governance as it moves along the process of becoming an Appendix to the University Master Plan. This will mark the beginning of many new and exciting improvements to UW-Eau Claire bike and pedestrian infrastructure

Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan (PDF)

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