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Blugold Employee Tuition Program

Pilot Program on Hold Effective Summer 2021

Innovation and continuous improvement have long been an important part of UW-Eau Claire’s values. And our new pilot program is a perfect example of that. Beginning Winterim 2021, employees are now eligible to take undergraduate courses at UW-Eau Claire at no cost where space is available.

Employee eligibility

  • Employees must have at least a 50 percent appointment to be eligible for this program. University Staff temporary employees and student employees are not eligible.
  • Coursework should be job or career-related.

Program overview

  • Eligible employees can enroll in undergraduate courses at UW-Eau Claire or UW-Eau Claire—Barron County that are not offered as part of a collaboration/consortium or do not have a flat-rate tuition fee structure. Questions about eligible courses can be directed to Blugold Central.
  • Courses are available to be taken on a space-available basis and will be available for employees to register the day after special students are able to enroll during the fall and spring semester. Registration for summer and winterim will be two weeks prior to the start of the session. Any course registered prior to this date is not be eligible for this program
  • Employees can take one course per semester, up to five credits, that can be waived as part of this program. That includes summer and winterim sessions. A maximum of $5,250 of tuition and fees can be waived in one calendar year to comply with IRS rules.
  • Employees are responsible for any expense for books, supplies and travel costs or special course fees.
  • The $10 online course fee for UWEC only courses will also be waived.
  • Tuition, including differential tuition, and segregated fees will be waived only upon satisfactory completion of the course if the employee is still employed at the institution. Satisfactory completion is defined as a grade of “C” or higher.

Registration dates

Employees can register for a Winterim 2021 course beginning Monday, Dec. 21. Employees can register for a Spring 2021 course beginning Wednesday, Jan. 27. Due to the holiday break, employee are strongly encouraged to complete their applications early to allow time for review and processing.

Next steps: how to get started

  1. First, ensure supervisor support if a course is during your scheduled work hours. This program is a joint commitment by the employee to take the class and the supervisor to commit to supporting the employee to attend the class.
  2. Complete the Blugold Employee Tuition Program eform. This must be done before registering for classes.
  3. Complete a non-degree-seeking-student application if you are interested in taking a course through this program but do not wish to complete a degree. If your intention is to take courses to complete a degree, please contact Admissions for next steps in applying for admission. This step needs to be completed in advance of registering for classes. Note: If you are currently taking classes or pursue taking classes each semester, you will not have to complete this step again.
  4. Once the Blugold Employee Tuition Program eform and application are completed and approved, an employee can complete the normal registration process once the enrollment period for this program opens.


How do I know what courses are eligible for this program?

Employees should contact Blugold Central to check on course availability for a given semester (fall, winterim, spring, summer).

What is a non-degree-seeking special student application?

The non-degree-seeking special student application is for individuals who are not enrolled students and are planning to take UW-Eau Claire classes. The application is the first step an employee must take to participate in the Blugold Employee Tuition Program.

Do I need to reapply each semester to continue taking classes as a non-degree-seeking special student?

Provided that there is not a break in enrollment for the major terms (fall term or spring term), a non-degree-seeking special student does not need to reapply. If there is a break in enrollment for undergraduate non-degree-seeking students of one year (two major terms) or more, they will need to reapply. If a student does not take a class in a given semester that results in a break in enrollment and the student must reapply to take future courses.

What happens if I withdraw from a course while in the Blugold Employee Tuition Program?

If a student withdraws from a course in the program, a “W” is not considered satisfactory completion of the course. In that situation, the employee is responsible for any tuition that is due based on the date of the withdrawal. You can access UW-Eau Claire's refund schedule here.

What if I am already enrolled in courses for the spring or winterim?

Any courses enrolled in prior to the program registration dates are not eligible and will be the responsibility of the employee.

What if I do not earn a satisfactory grade of “C” in a course?

Employees are responsible for paying the tuition and fees associated with any course they take as part of this program if they fail to earn a satisfactory grade. In this situation, Blugold Central can create a payment plan for any employee who has a balance due.

Does my supervisor have to approve my decision to take a course through the Blugold Employee Tuition Program?

Yes, an eligible employee must receive their direct supervisor’s permission to take a course through this program. Courses should be related to an employee’s job or career interests, and because a class schedule could impact an employee’s ability to complete their work at UW-Eau Claire, a supervisor must approve a plan that could entail a flexible work schedule and related accommodations.


For questions regarding the Blugold Employee Tuition Program, contact Blugold Central at

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