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Rental, Lease and Locker Options

Looking to rent a bike or bike locker? Need to get your bike or longboard serviced? You're in the right place!

For questions, please contact us here: 715-836-3616 |

Bike Rental

Current rental options include Trek 3900 Mountain Bikes or Gary Fischer Gritty Commuters. Lock and helmet provided.

Length Price
Day/Overnight $20
Weekend $40
Week $70

Bike Locker Rental Policy

Length Price
Fall/Spring/Winter $20+$50 refundable key deposit
Academic Year $33+$50 refundable key deposit
Summer $10+$50 refundable key deposit

Bike & Longboard Service

Service Price
Bike Safety Inspection Free
Bike Tune Up $25
Longboard Basic Tune Up $10
Longboard Full Tune Up $25
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