Bike and Longboard Center

Rental, Lease and Locker Options

Looking to rent a bike or bike locker? Need to get your bike or longboard serviced? You're in the right place!

Bike Rental

Current rental options include Trek 3900 Mountain Bikes or Gary Fischer Gritty Commuters. Lock and helmet provided.

Length Price
Day/Overnight $10
Weekend $20
Week $40

Bike Locker Rental Policy

Length Price
Fall/Spring/Winter $20+$50 refundable key deposit
Academic Year $33+$50 refundable key deposit
Summer $10+$50 refundable key deposit

Bike & Longboard Service

Service Price
Bike Safety Inspection Free
Bike Tune Up $25
Longboard Basic Tune Up $10
Longboard Full Tune Up $25

Lease Program

In an effort to reduce our carbon emissions, the Environmental Adventure Center and the Student Office of Sustainability began the Blugold's Bike Lease Program. Our aim is to reduce the number of students driving to and from campus and other locations. By participating in this program, you will contribute to our campus goal of carbon neutrality while also reducing your own carbon footprint.

Length Price
Academic Year $150
Fall Semester $100
Spring Semester $100
Summer Semester $80
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