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CampS: Requesting Official and Unofficial Transcripts (Students)

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You may request an unofficial transcript through MyBlugold CampS for free, as well as order an official transcript (the costs vary, depending on the type of transcript you prefer).


View Unofficial Transcript

NOTE: If you are a former, or graduate student of UW-Eau Claire, click here, as your instructions are different.

  1. Log in to MyBlugold CampS.
  2. Click Self Service.
  3. Click Student Center.
  4. From the Other Academic... dropdown menu select Transcript: View Unofficial.
    view unofficial transcript
  5. Click the double arrow double arrow to the right of the dropdown menu.
  6. On the View Unofficial Transcript page, you will see UW-Eau Claire automatically listed as the Academic Institution. From the Report Type dropdown menu, select Unofficial Transcript.
    report type
  7. Click View Report.
  8. A window will appear, asking if you wish to open or save the PDF. Choose whichever option you desire.
    NOTE: If you click Open, the PDF will open in your web browser. You can save and/or print from here as well (the options will appear if you place your cursor near the bottom of the screen). If you click Save As, you will be directed to browse to the location in which you want to save the file.

Request Official Transcript

  1. Log in to MyBlugold CampS.
  2. Click Self Service.
  3. Click Student Center.
  4. From the Other Academic... dropdown menu, select Transcript: Request Official.
    request official transcript
  5. Click the double arrow double arrow to the right of the dropdown menu.
  6. The Transcript Ordering Services page will appear. Click the FAQs tabs to view information on different aspects of the ordering process.
    Transcript Ordering Services

    NOTE: View the Pricing Schedule tab for more information on the cost of the transcripts. If you choose a paper copy of your transcript, the cost will be $10 per copy. If you select a PDF copy, $2 will be subtracted from the cost per transcript. The cost increases for rush ordering, as additional Federal Express charges apply.
  7. To begin your order, click Begin Order and follow the instructions provided. Notice the progress bar at the top of the screen that lets you know which step of the process you are currently completing.

Request Official Transcript - Alumni / Former Students

For former students or alumni that would like to order official transcripts from the University.

  1. Go to the UW-Eau Claire's transcript ordering page.
  2. Click Begin Order.
    NOTE: Click the tabs for more information about the ordering process.
  3. In the Student Information section, fill in the required fields.
  4. (Optional) To receive a receipt and updates on your order, fill in the fields in the Communication section.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select the option for how you would like it delivered.

  7. (Optional) If you prefer to pick up your transcript, select that option, and fill in all fields of the Pick-Up Information section.
  8. Select the option for when you would like your transcript to be released.
  9. Select the reason for your order and click Next.
  10. Select the type of recipient.
  11. (Optional) If you select Search our Recipient Table:
    1. Select the state of the recipient.
    2. Click Next.
    3. Type the name of the school and select it.
    4. Click on the address of the recipient.
    5. Verify that the recipient's information is correct.
    6. Select I confirm this address.
    7. Click Next.
    8. Continue to step 14.
  12. (Optional) If you select Myself:
    1. Click Next.
    2. Verify that your address is correct.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Continue to step 14.
  13. (Optional) If you select Enter Recipient Manually:
    1. Click Next.
    2. Type in the recipient's address.
    3. Click Next.
    4. Continue to step 14.
  14. Select whether you would like an electronic or printed version of your transcript.
    An electronic version will reduce the cost of your final transcript fee.
    An electronic version must be downloaded in 30 days.

    An electronic version is in PDF format.
  15. (Optional) If you want an electronic version, type in recipient's email address.
  16. (Optional) If you want a printed version of your transcript.
    1. Select the number of transcripts to be sent.
    2. Select the desired shipping service.
  17. Click Next
  18. Verify the information and click Continue to Order Summary.
  19. Verify the order summary.

    NOTE: If you need to fix any information click Edit in the appropriate field.
  20. Click Go to Payment.
  21. Type in your payment and billing information.
  22. Click the checkbox indicating that you agree to the terms in the Credentials Transactions Agreement.
  23. Click Submit My Order.

Request Official Transcript - UW Colleges/Barron County prior to Fall 2019 Students

The University of Wisconsin (UW) Extended Campus is the records custodian of UW Colleges education records prior to September 1, 2019. Student enrolled at the UW Barron County campus before September 1, 2019 need to order transcripts through UW - Extended Campus. Follow the link below for ordering information.

Former UW Colleges - Requesting a Transcript.

If you have any questions, contact the Frontline of Blugold Central at (715) 836-3000 or email them at

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