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1098-T Tuition Tax Forms

Follow the directions below to view your 1098-T tax statement online.

1098T Frequently asked questions  Previous year tax form

Step 1:

Log into your CampS account and select the "Financial Account" tile. 

Step 2:

From the navigation menu, select the "Account Service" option, then select "View 1098-T".

Step 3:

Complete the 1098-T Consent Agreement.

If you have previously completed the 1098-T Consent Agreement, please proceed to step 4. You only need to complete the 1098-T Consent Agreement once will actively enrolled. 

  1. Select the "Grant Consent" button.
  2. Review the 1098-T Consent Agreement and check the 'Yes, I have red the agreement' checkbox.
  3. Select the 'Submit' Button.
  4. You will receive a confirmation on the next page. To continue select the 'View 1098-T Selection' button.

NOTE: If you complete the 1098-T Consent Agreement prior to your 1098-T tax document being generated in early January for the current tax year, no data will populate. Once the 1098-T tax document has been generated for the current tax year, you can return to this page without having to complete the 1098-T Consent Agreement again. 

Step 4

To view the 1098-T tax document, select the tax year, which appears as a blue hyperlink. A PDF version of your 1098-T will open in a new window for you to print or save your document.


  • 1098-T tax documents will not be available to view until early January. You will receive an e-mail to your UWEC e-mail address when your 1098-T tax document is available to view.
  • If you use a pop-up blocker, you will need to have this disabled to view your 1098-T.
  • If you have not completed the 1098-T Consent Agreement, you will see there is a tax document available, but you will not see the tax year as a blue hyperlink and will be unable view your document online.
  • If multiple 1098-T documents are listed (Original or Correction), please note the version when selecting the document, located under the ‘Version’ section next to the tax year to make sure you are viewing the correct document.

Students who have not completed the 1098-T Consent Agreement will have their tax document postmarked by January 31 and mailed via US Mail.


If you have any questions regarding your 1098-T Tax Document, please contact:

  • Eau Claire Campus: Blugold Central (Vicki Lord Larson Hal 1108) at 715-836-3000 or e-mail:
  • Barron Campus: Solution Center at 715-788-6244 or e-mail:

 Frequently Asked Questions

Retrieving 1098 tax forms prior to 2020 tax year

Please contact Blugold central 715-836-3000 or to request a 1098T tax document prior to the 2020 tax year. Online access to prior years' statements is not available.

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