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Students are advised to check with instructors to verify final examination dates and times at the beginning of the term. Final exam grids will be posted as they come available.

  • Spring 2024 Exams
  • Fall 2023 Exams
  • Change of Final Exam Schedule by Student Request - University Senate Policy

    No student will be permitted to reschedule a final examination unless there are extraordinary circumstances over which the student has no control (e.g. hospitalization or military obligation). Verification of the circumstances must be furnished by the student. A student with three or more examinations scheduled for one day may request the change of an individual examination time. Changes are not allowed for reasons such as an already purchased plane ticket, leaving campus early, a family vacation, or conflict with employment, unless such work commitment existed prior to the publication of the examination schedule.

    A request for a change in the time of an individual final examination must be approved by the instructor, the department chair, and the associate dean of the college in which the course is offered. To initiate a request to reschedule a Final Exam, submit the appropriate eForm below. Make-up examinations must be scheduled during finals week or later and must be arranged by the student with the instructor.

    Links to Forms by College (submit to the College in which the course is offered):

    College of Arts and Sciences
    College of Education and Human Sciences
    College of Business

    Final Exam Information

    Students with three or more exams in one day may make arrangements with one of the instructors to take the exam another day. If a common exam causes three or more exams in one day, it is the responsibility of the common exam instructor to arrange an alternate time that does not conflict with other exams and does not cause too many exams in one day. Approval for the arranged change must be obtained from the associate dean of the college in which the course is offered.

    To change the time of a final examination, a student must have the permission of the instructor, as well as the department chair and the associate dean of the college in which the course is offered. See information above.

    Posting of Exam Information

    Students and faculty can view their assigned final and common exam schedules with rooms in CampS. Please go to Academic and Registration Calendars under Important Dates and Deadlines to find out when each semester's exam schedules will come available.


    Contact 715-836-3000 if you have questions about the schedules.

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