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UW-Independent Learning Courses can help you stay on track for your degree.

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Fee Waiver Request for UW Independent Learning Course Eform 
This form will be available beginning ten days into a Fall or Spring Semester, and through the last day to withdraw from individual full-semester classes or from the University.

Important Information to Know

  • Fee Waiver forms will only be processed ten days into the start of a fall or spring semester and through the last day to withdraw from individual full-semester courses. The E-form is only available during specified dates.
  • It is important to use your degree audit and/or confer with your adviser to determine which UW-IL course will meet your degree requirements.
  • Courses dropped after the 10th day of classes, receiving a “W”, are included in the total credits when considering a fee waiver.
  • Fee waivers are not considered for the winterim and summer sessions.
  • Dean’s Approval for overload is required if credits from UW- Eau Claire and Independent Learning total more than 18 credits. This approval is requested during the workflow of the E-Form, before the approved form is sent to the student.
  • If enrollment information is changed from that listed on this form, the student’s eligibility and payment responsibility may also change.
  • As of April 2018, students will have six months (not 12 months as before) from the date of registration to complete a UW-Independent Learning course. Two extensions are optional with an additional paid fee.  See Program Policies > Course Extensions at

Steps for Requesting a Fee Waiver and Registering for a UW-Independent Learning Course:

  1. Submit a Fee Waiver Request for UW-Independent Learning Course E-form (linked above) prior to registering for the UW-IL course. This form acts as a prior approval of the UW-IL course as well as a waiver approval for any per credit fees within the credit limit.
  2. Once the approved Fee Waiver is returned to you via email, follow the instructions in the body of the email.  The approved Fee Waiver is included as an attachment. Print the Fee Waiver approval for your records.
  3. Pre-register online at for the UW-IL course. Go to Getting Started > Full Time UW Students. At Payment Options, select the Mail/Fax/Phone/Purchase Order Payment option, and also indicate "UW Tuition Waiver". Select "UW-Eau Claire Campus" before submitting your registration. This will allow you to send the approved Fee Waiver to UW-IL and to make payment for the administrative fees and any credits that are not waived.
  4. Forward the UWEC email including the approved Fee Waiver to UW-IL at They will need this when processing your registration. Indicate in the email which UW-IL course you have pre-registered for, and include your name.
  5. Make credit card payment for UW-IL administrative fees and any remaining credits by calling 877-895-3276.
  6. Books and materials are ordered and paid for separately. You should receive information about books and materials once you have registered and paid the administrative fee.

If you prefer the mail-in method:

AFTER you have pre-registered online for the UW-IL course, print the approved Fee Waiver and mail it, with your check payment, to the address below:

UW-Extended Campus
780 Regent Street
Madison, WI  53715



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