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Apply for Academic Forgiveness

Deciding to continue your education is a significant decision in your life. Whatever the circumstances were the first time around, if it has been over five years there maybe a need for a fresh start from the academic side of things.

Step 1

Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor or contact the Advising, Retention and Career Center to find out who you should meet with.

Step 2

When meeting with your adviser, you both will determine if academic forgiveness is beneficial for your situation. The following items will be needed for this meeting: Academic Forgiveness Form ,Degree audit, Unofficial transcript

Step 3

If it is decided that academic forgiveness is right for your situation, your application will need to be approved by the department chair of your intended major and the dean of the college in which you are enrolled. If you’ve taken a few courses during the five years and don’t qualify for academic forgiveness, you should contact your Dean’s Office for a possible exception.

Step 4

After the appropriate form is filled with the Registrar either by you or your dean, your academic record will be updated accordingly.

Note: Remember that if you have more than 30 credits and are approved for academic forgiveness you will lose all of those credits. If you took courses at UW-Eau Claire in the past, a better option could be repeating the classes and receiving a replacement grade.

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