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The graduate and undergraduate catalogs provide regulations, course listings, degree programs, and fee schedules for incoming students to explore.

undergrad catalog

Undergraduate Catalog

The baccalaureate degree at UW-Eau Claire provides students with the knowledge and abilities needed for lifelong learning.

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Graduate Catalog

Graduate programs foster students’ intellectual development, contribute to the advancement of disciplines, and enhance students’ personal lives and their ability to contribute to their professions and communities.

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To reach our Historical Catalogs, please follow these five steps:

1. These historical catalogs are only available to on-campus web users and require Adobe Reader to view.

2. Once at; type in "University of Wisconsin," NOT "University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire" OR "University of Wisconsin Eau Claire."

3. A drop down menu will appear. Choose the PDF icon on the far left on the same line as the "University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire."

4. Once opened, you'll see both the most recently published undergraduate and graduate catalogs.

5. Click the "plus" sign to expand the list of all available catalogs. 

The Records and Registration curriculum team has created a CourseLeaf quick guide and a style guide for the catalog to provide assistance. Available resources can be found on Blugold Insider - Catalog Review

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