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Department of Biology EDI Statement

"As diverse educators, scholars, students and community members, we share in and bear witness to the mourning, the outrage and the desperate need for justice and profound change being felt across the United States and the World. We commit to acknowledging and confronting the racist history, and the systems of injustice and oppression, that affect Black and other minority communities.

At the same time, we commit to uniting in action to work against these racist, unjust, and oppressive systems. We seek to build a more anti-racist, inclusive department and to better support, intentionally honor and elevate the voices and scholarly work of people who are underrepresented and oppressed. We will work to value diversity among our students, faculty, and staff, recognizing that diversity fosters varied perspectives, increased creativity, and improved problem solving, leading to both a more effective learning environment and better science.

We affirm our department’s commitment to the University’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) Strategic Plan and initiatives. We commit to working together to build a more equitable, diverse and inclusive community through the formation of the Biology Department EDI Working Group and development of a department EDI Action Plan in collaboration with students and colleagues."

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