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Looking to get all you can get out of your time here? Consider the Biology Honors Program. This special program allows students to discover biology on another level through a challenging, yet rewarding research project.


(1) Upper class biology majors (60 credits or more) with resident, total, and Biology GPAs of 3.50 or higher.
(2) Transfer students with junior status who declare a biology major and enter with GPAs of 3.50 or higher.


An invitation by a biology faculty/staff member to pursue Biology Departmental Honors. Students may apply without an invitation but must have a letter of support from a biology faculty/staff member.

At least 3 credits earned over at least 2 semesters, in either Biol 384, 396, 395, 399, or 499.

Presentation of collaborative research at one of the following:
o   an on-campus event (CERCA, the Provost’s Honors Symposium).
o   an off-campus conference (a regional, national or international professional conference).
o   publication of collaborative research results in a peer-reviewed journal.

Submission and approval of an Honors thesis of their research, including the following steps:
o   During the thesis semester, students will register for 1 credit of Biol 495 (Biology Honors Thesis) or HNRS 490 (Honors Senior Thesis or Project).
o   Students are expected to make substantial intellectual contributions to the development, implementation, or scholarly interpretation of the project.
o   The thesis will be evaluated for acceptability by the research mentor and at least one additional faculty or staff member.

Students must maintain a resident, total, and biology GPA of at least 3.50 for continued eligibility for Biology Department Honors.
Completion of the process must occur 4 weeks prior to commencement.
An e-form application for Departmental Honors in Biology shall be approved by the research mentor and will be routed to the University Honors Program and Degree Review.  To locate the form: > Log in > Start New Task > Biology Department > Departmental Honors Application - Biology

University Honors Program

In addition to the Biology Department Honors Program, UW-Eau Claire has an award-winning University Honors Program. The University Honors Program gives students interested in pushing their learning limits a chance to participate in courses designed to do just that.   

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