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We get it. You want to jump into high-caliber research but you think you have to wait until grad school or later. Not here! This is a special environment for undergrad researchers. You, as an undergrad, get full access and participation in every aspect of great biology research and the most complicated experiments. It's all directed by outstanding faculty who really care about you and your development as a scientist.

World-class research as an undergrad

Participate in the kind of research you'll find at much larger institutions, but with the benefit of access to all the most complicated and challenging aspects normally reserved for grad students and post-docs.

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One reason I took this job was because of the unique experience that students get here. We have a lot of scientific instrumentation which is unique compared to other primarily undergraduate institutions. And since we do not have Ph.D. programs in materials science, we have undergraduate researchers working with that instrumentation. They’re the ones collecting the data, they get that hands-on experience, they get the experience of presenting their work at regional and national conferences. It’s a really immersive experience for them. They’re fully invested in the process and they’re critical to the research progress that we make together.

Elizabeth Glogowski | Associate Professor | Materials Science + Engineering
Students with Dr. Tali Lee

Bringing science to life

Wander through Putnam Park and you will see hundreds of trees, plants, and If you are lucky, deer or other wildlife. You will also likely see Blugolds immersed in research and other science-based projects in our 230-acre nature reserve.

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Utah Canyon group

Protecting canyon country

Biology students immerse themselves in the rugged beauty of southern Utah’s canyon country and do their part in efforts to protect the future of the region’s Escalante River.

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tick field study

Small ticks make big impact

Dr. Lloyd Turtinen and student researchers publish a three-year study on deer ticks and the prevalence of the causative agent of Lyme disease.

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