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Andy Jepsen

Hilltop 105E
(715) 836-2176

Comprehensive Administration of Facilities, Programs, and Staff


Jon Bollinger

Student Services Program Manager
Hilltop 105 C
(715) 836-5732

Intramural sports and the club sports programs


Sharon Breed

Financial Specialist
Hilltop 105 B
(715) 836-4064

Payroll, benefits, budgeting and accounting

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Tamara S Brunschmid

University Services Associate
McPhee 207 E
(715) 836-2546

McPhee Information Desk, Sports Facilities Scheduling and Contracting, Billiards Center Scheduling and Contracting, Summer Sport Camps

Matt Ebner

Matt Ebner

Sport & Facility Event Assistant/Assistant Football Coach
McPhee 198J
(715) 836-5929

Justin Gardner

UWEC Leadership Institute Director
Hilltop 105
(715) 836-6040

UWEC Leadership Institute and The Freshman Connection summer program


Neil Ostlund

Sport Facilities Operations Manager
McPhee 228
(715) 836-4931

McPhee/Olson, Simpson Fields, Open Recreation Program, and the Aquatic Program

Mike McHugh

Michael McHugh

Sport & Facility Event Assistant/Assistant Football Coach
McPhee 198F
(715) 836-5779


Sheryl Poirier

Assistant Director of Programs
Hilltop Center 105D
(715) 836-2845

Special events, marketing, graphic design, Billiards Center

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Field Maintenance Coordinator
Hilltop 106

Outdoor facility maintenance coordinator of Simson Athletic Fields and Bollinger Athletic Fields

Zach Ruot

Zach Ruot

MSPC Coordinator/Assistant Football Coach
McPhee 198H
(715) 836-3401


Jan Thorson

Program Associate
Hilltop 105
(715) 836-2491

Recreation office manager, administrative assistant to director


Al Wiberg

Assistant Director of Facilities
Environmental Adventure Center
Hilltop Center
(715) 836-5601

Eagle's View Challenge Ropes Course, Indoor Climbing Wall, Adventure Trips Program and Equipment Rental Center


Brittany Wold

Wellness Coordinator
Hilltop 105 A
(715) 836-4010

Group Exercise, McPhee Strength and Performance Center, Crest Fitness Center, Wellness, and Massage Therapy