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Club Sports

What Are Club Sports?

A Club Sport is a recognized University student organization that has been formed by individuals motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in their favorite activity. Club Sports are designed to provide the UWEC student community the opportunity to practice, participate, and perform on and off campus in 29 competitive and recreational sports. Clubs Sports are student initiated and run with an emphasis placed on student leadership and involvement.

The Club Sports Program is organized and administered by the Recreation and Sports Operations Department. The Club Sports Program empowers students to engage in leadership pursuits and focuses on student development, promoting social fellowship, and enhancing skills. Through guidance, leadership, and mentoring our staff aims to create opportunities for students to succeed both during their time at UWEC and within their professional lives.

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Club Sports FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get info on a specific club sport?

For information on a specific club, please select the club you are interested in from the list below. The contact information of each Club President can be found within their tab. For general program questions, please contact Competitive Sports Coordinator Garrett Larson at or call 715-836-5732. You may also stop by the Recreation and Sport Operations Office in Hilltop Center, Room 105 to speak with a staff member and pick-up informational materials.

What are the club sport eligibility requirements?

Club Sports are available to students, faculty, and staff who meet the specific eligibility requirements per the rules set forth by each club’s governing body. Club Sports welcome all skill levels and are designed to accept members regardless of their previous experience. Please note, however, that clubs may hold try-outs and may require a minimum skill or fitness level before full participation or travel competition. 

Is there a fee for participation?

Individual clubs may require fees to cover the cost of equipment, registration, travel, lodging and other expenditures not covered by their allocated budget. Dues are decided on an individual club basis. Fees often vary depending upon the size, scope, and nature of the club. The Club Sports Program itself does not charge fees to participate.  

How do I go about creating a club sport?

  • You will need to go through the Student Senate process of being recognized as a UW-Eau Claire organization and provide a copy of your "official recognition" letter to the Clubs Sport Coordinator.
  • All organizations must complete a one-year probationary period before they can become an officially recognized Club Sport.
  • Provide a list of your club members, officers, club advisor, and coach (if applicable) to the Club Sports Coordinator.
  • Provide a copy of your club's constitution to the Club Sports Coordinator.
  • Complete an application to become a club sport and return it to the Club Sports Coordinator.
  • Create a campus checking account through the UW-Eau Claire Business Office. You must appear before the Club Sports Advisory Council to apply for membership. Based on your presentation, they will make a recommendation on your club's acceptance to the Club Sport program.

When does the Club Sports Advisory Council Meet?

The CSAC meets at 4:00 p.m. in the Hilltop Lounge on the first Wednesday of each month during the academic year. It is mandatory that one member from each club is present at each CSAC meeting.

Club Sport Forms

Club Sports

UWEC Baseball Club

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

President: Zach Pearson

The UWEC Baseball Club is thriving in Eau Claire. They compete against teams from the Western Lakes Conference as well as teams from the National Club Baseball Association. Their main season is in Spring, consisting of 25-30 games, with a few exhibition games in the Fall. They play in a beautiful ball park at Carson Park. New players are always encouraged to participate.


UWEC Bowling Club

Facebook | Instagram

President: Jordan Blue

The Bowling Club offers a variety of activities and benefits for bowlers of all skill levels. They compete in a conference and a variety of tournaments, against some of the top teams in the country. The Bowling Club also has an on-campus league, which allows students to be sanctioned through the United States Bowling Congress. The club is a fun way to meet people, improve your skills, or learn bowling. The Bowling Club was formed in 1989 and currently consists of two parts. There is the League Group, which contains everyone involved in Bowling Club, and the Traveling Group, which consists of 10-12 members that compete outside league-intercollegiately.

UWEC Cheer & Stunt Team

Website | Facebook | Instagram

President: Kelcie Fuhrman

The UWEC Cheer & Stunt Team is dedicated to maintaining enthusiasm and school spirit at athletic events as well as competitions. The sideline team cheers the Blugold Basketball teams on to victory at all home games, while the competition team strives for victory against other collegiate teams in a competitive setting. Both teams cheer for all home Blugold Football games. The goal of the Cheer & Stunt Team is to bring everyone's talent together to gain cheerleading skills. Additional information about the team and tryouts can be found on the Cheer & Stunt website. They would love to have you join their team!


UWEC Cross Country Skiing Team


President: Sean Straka

The UWEC Cross Country Ski Team provides opportunities for University students to pick up a new sport or continue their development through organized team practice and competition. The team seeks to teach technique and develop endurance to those interested, regardless of their personal experience levels. They practice daily and travel to citizen's races most weekends from mid-December to late February.

UWEC Dance Team

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

President: Ellie Messmann

The UW-Eau Claire Blugold Dancers make up an organization designed to perform at sporting events, particularly basketball games. The styles they specialize in are jazz and hip hop. They compete against other college dance teams at various competitions and hold an annual high school dance team competition and clinic here at UW-Eau Claire. The team members are hardworking, dedicated, and talented individuals who LOVE to dance!

Eau Claire Dodgeball

Facebook | Instagram

President: Cullin Peterson

The Eau Claire Dodgeball Club takes pride in the fact that we are open to anyone with no membership fees. We are a diverse group and get together each week to play dodgeball. In addition to tournaments, our events consist mostly of pick-up style games. The core belief of Eau Claire Dodgeball is that it's a game, and while no game should be taken too seriously, dodgeball should probably be taken even less seriously.

Eau Climbers

Facebook | Instagram

President: Austin Perkins

The purpose of the Eau Climbers is to strengthen the climbing community at UWEC through the creation of a supportive environment that does not judge individuals based upon personal ability and discourages egotistical behavior. This organization competes in competitions including, but not limited to, the Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series (WICS). Eau Climbers does not provide formal education, but provide members resources in order to learn more climbing techniques.

UWEC Equestrian Show Team

Website | Facebook | Instagram

President: Maddie Aspriesnig

The Equestrian Show Team offers UWEC students the opportunity to improve horsemanship skills, volunteer at a local stable, and compete in an intercollegiate organization. Competition includes a variety of disciplines, including Hunt Seat, Jumping, Western Horsemanship, and Reining. Team members volunteer at Trinity Equestrian Center feeding horses, cleaning stalls, and assisting with events for the barn's therapeutic riding program.


Facebook | Instagram

President: Jazman Nielsen

The Esports club aims to create a community and place to play and enjoy Esports and other video games in both a casual and competitive nature.

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UWEC Figure Skating


President: Charlotte Biwer

The UWEC Figure Skating Club provides members with a chance to skate as an individual as well as a part of a synchronized team with the UWEC Goldenettes. Their goal is to encourage the participation and enjoyment of figure skating through practice, competition, shows, hockey games, and various social events while surrounded by a fun and positive atmosphere.

UWEC Hwa Rang Do / Tae Soo Do


President: Noah Thompson-Hall

Hwa Rang Do and Tae Soo Do are founded on martial arts knowledge dating back 1800 years. Founded in South Korea, Hwa Rang Do combines hard and soft techniques to form an unique martial art experience. Tae Soo Do is offering the basic knowledge of grappling, sparring, forms and weapons. Members benefit by gaining flexibility, strength and endurance through rigorous training. We welcome all to maximize their potential with us.

UWEC Men's Hockey Club

Website | Facebook

President: Ty Husnick

The UWEC Men's Hockey Club was founded in 2010 and is a member of the American Collegiate Hockey Association. We play against other schools all over the mid-west at the Division II club level. Our mission is to provide our members the opportunity to continue playing competitive hockey at the collegiate level and to give back to the Eau Claire hockey community.

Requirements to Join
In order to play on the UWEC Men's Hockey Club you need to be a UWEC student enrolled at least half-time (min. 6 credits for undergraduates and min. 3 credits for graduates) and in good academic standing (cum. GPA of 2.0 or higher). Each player has 5 years of eligibility, except for former NCAA players who lose one year for each year they have played at the NCAA level plus one more additional year. In addition to these academic requirements all members are also required to pay membership dues every year and participate in club fundraising events. 

UWEC Men's Lacrosse

Facebook | Instagram

President: Henry Smith

Men's Lacrosse is a fast paced sport that involves agility, speed, strength, and most of all, teamwork. The Eau Claire team is proud to be part of the progression and growth of this great game. The main season is in the Spring, but tournaments are held year round. Anyone interested is welcome to come and continue their experience with the game or start participating in this great sport.

UWEC Men's Rugby

Facebook | Instagram | Website

President: Jared Coonen

The mission of the UWEC Men's Rugby Club is to promote rugby at UWEC and to field a competitive team at the collegiate level . They strive to be the best team in the state and to continually compete at the national level. Every member of the club is important and will get a chance to compete. Teamwork is the ultimate goal, and everyone who joins the club will not only be part of a team, but part of a family.

UWEC Men's Soccer Team

Facebook | Instagram | Website

President: Karl Welbes

Men's Soccer is a highly competitive club team that competes against other D3 and D1 Universities in Wisconsin and surrounding areas. The main season is in the fall, with tournaments in the spring. Tryouts are held the weekend before semester begins. We pride ourselves on being a tight-knit, welcoming group of guys. All incoming freshman or returning students who are interested are encouraged to reach out through our social media, or may email the captain directly.

UWEC Men's Ultimate Frisbee

Facebook | Twitter | Website

President: Adam Egemo

We are a competitive club Ultimate Frisbee team from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire captained by Sam Welsch, Jake Johnson, and Colin Williams. We travel all over the country playing one of the fastest growing sports in the world. If you have any interest in joining our team, please contact one of the captains. No previous playing experience is required or expected.

UWEC Men's Volleyball

Facebook | Instagram

President: Haydn Thon

The Volleyball Club is open to all UWEC men who have the skills to compete in NIVC Competition. Teams are formed in the Fall and competition begins in the Spring, concluding with the NIRSA Volleyball Sport Club Championships. The club's goal is to provide a competitive atmosphere in which members can improve individual skills and teamwork. New members are always encouraged to join.

UWEC Mixed Martial Arts Club


President: Jerod Gordon

The UW-EC Mixed Martial Arts Club is the newest sports club on the UW-Eau Claire campus. Started in the fall of 2008, the club already has over 20 members and is looking for more UW-EC students to join.

MMA Club members learn various fighting disciplines used in mixed martial arts, such as Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thia kickboxing, and wrestling. However, the club does not promote fighting or violence. Rather, the techniques help promote physical fitness and self-defense. If members want to pursue professional bouts, the club promises to give them full support and help them train.

While a majority of the club's time is spent practicing, the club also participates in community enriching activities. The activities help the club and its members live by the motto of strength, respect, and discipline.

UWEC Power Lifting Club

Facebook | Instagram

President: Makayla Mattson

The UW Eau Claire Powerlifting Club is a club for beginners through experts who are interested becoming stronger, learning more about the alternative strength sport of powerlifting, and competing in USA Powerlifting (USAPL) sanctioned events at the state and national level.


UWEC Table Tennis

Facebook | Instagram

President: Brenden Hicks

Table Tennis Club on the UW-Eau Claire campus is dedicated to increasing awareness of table tennis within the community. This Olympic sport offers a fun recreational activity as well as a professional challenge. In the same way, Table Tennis Club offers a friendly environment for new players to pick up the game while experienced players hone their skills.

UWEC Club Tennis


President: Maxwell Hall

The purpose of Club Tennis is to provide University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students an opportunity to play tennis after high-school. Our aim is to create an environment that promotes fair play and sportsmanship. Our partnership with the John and Fay Menard YMCA Tennis will allow students to play tennis year round and become more involved in the Eau Claire tennis community.

UWEC Triathlon Club

Facebook | Facebook Social Group | Instagram

President: Ally Thiel

Established in fall of 2010 the Triathlon club is a group of athletes that train together to compete in triathlons. It is based out of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

UWEC Two To Tango

Facebook | Instagram | Website

President: Collin Petry

Two to Tango is UW-Eau Claire's ballroom and Latin dance club, open to all students, faculty, and staff. They meet Sunday evenings from 6:30 - 8:30 pm in the McPhee Dance Studio. Members are not required to bring a partner, special shoes, or previous dance experience. If you are interested in joining a friendly organization where you can meet a wide variety of people while learning to dance, come join them on Sunday nights and make Two to Tango a part of your weekend!


UWEC Water Skiing and Wakeboard Team

Facebook | Instagram

President: Anna Allen

The UWEC Water Ski Club offers students the chance to participate and compete in water skiing. Students of all ability levels are encouraged to become a member and learn new skills or refine those they already have. Competitions will be mainly in the area of: Slalom, Trick Skiing, Jumping, Wake Boarding and Barefooting. Come meet great people who share your love of water skiing.


UWEC Women's Hockey Club


President: Lexi Stark

The Women's Hockey Club of UW-Eau Claire is a group of women interested in engaging in the sport they love, playing games against other University club teams, and having fun.


UWEC Women's Lacrosse

Facebook | Instagram

Co-presidents: Evie Doncavage

Woman's Lacrosse is a fast paced sport that involves agility, speed, strength, and most of all, teamwork. The Eau Claire team is proud to be part of the progression and growth of this great game. Anyone interested is welcome to come and continue their experience with the game or start participating in this great sport.


UWEC Women's Rugby

Facebook | Instagram | Website

President: Siusan Dawson

The UWEC Women's Rugby Club gives campus women a chance to compete in the exciting and unique sport of rugby. The rugby rules we play by are the same as those followed throughout the world. Rugby is a physical, fast moving, demanding, and most of all FUN sport. Rugby is played in the Fall and Spring semesters. Come and give it a try! No experience is needed to start.

UWEC Women's Soccer

Facebook | Instagram

President: Payton Hurley

Interested in joining or getting more information about our club? Fill out the registration form here. If you have any specific questions, please contact one of the captains found on our main website! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

UWEC Women's Ultimate Frisbee

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

President: Abigail Fischer

The UWEC Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team is for any student, faculty or staff member who wants to spend time having fun or being physically active. They practice two or three times a week year-round and participate in four or five tournaments a semester, including one home tournament. Playing Ultimate with SOL is a great way to try an amazing new sport. New people are always welcome to join them!


UWEC Women's Volleyball

Facebook | Instagram

President: Sarah Trapp

The UWEC Women's Volleyball Club is open to female students with an interest in participating in competitive volleyball. The club competes in tournaments throughout the school year. The club is also a part of the Wisconsin Volleyball Conference, and competes at Nationals every year.

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