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Get serious about your health and fitness goals

Fit4Life is designed to benefit those looking to spruce up their existing exercise regimen as well as those looking to begin a program but don’t know where to start. Participants will meet Individually or in a group of two with an exercise programmer to discuss goals. 

Each participant will receive an initial consultation and fitness assessment to figure out the best way to start and acquire baseline fitness data. From there, the participant(s) will have 4 exercise work out sessions with the exercise programmer to work towards accomplishing fitness goals and learn new skills. A final fitness assessment will occur at the end of the sessions.

Initial Program Cost for Individuals

  • UW-Eau Claire Students: $25
  • UW-Eau Claire Faculty and Staff: $30

Cost for 4 Additional Sessions

  • UW-Eau Claire Students: $20
  • UW-Eau Claire Faculty and Staff: $25


Click the link below to register, or stop by the Recreation and Sport Operations office located in Hilltop Center on upper campus. For more information call 715-836-3377.

Register Here

Fit4Life FAQs

What does it include?

  • Initial consultation meeting with an exercise programmer.
    • Wellness Assessment
    • Health Assessment
    • Fitness Assessment using MicroFit Software:
      • Blood Pressure/Pulse
      • Body Composition Analysis
      • Vo2 Submax Step Test
      • Flexibility test
      • Sit up Test
      • Push-Up Test
    • Conversation about goals and interests
  • Four exercise sessions with an Exercise Programmer
    • They will develop a program to fit goals and interests
  • Final Fitness assessment consultation to assess results.

Important Program Information

Clients must complete their 4 exercise sessions within 5 weeks of their first initial consultation with an exercise programmer. One session per week is recommended to stay on track and ensure enough time to complete the program in case you become ill or need to cancel. Clients have one week from registration to schedule their initial consultation.

If a client wants to continue the program after their set of 4 sessions has been completed, they will rotate to the back of the waitlist. If there is no one in front of them, they can continue with the next set of 4 sessions. The initial consultation is not included with the continuation program.

Cancellation Policy

If a client schedules a meeting with an exercise programmer, they must attend or cancel at least 6 hours before the scheduled appointment time. One reschedule is allowed per package. Failure to do so will result in the loss of one of the client sessions with no refund. Clients will also lose their sessions if they do not complete the program within the allotted time frame (5 weeks). No refund will be given.

***The exercise programmers are not certified personal trainers. The programmers have completed almost all of their Kinesiology requirements including all classes needed to pass the personal trainer certification exam. They are one semester short of graduating from the Kinesiology Program.

All programmers have previously worked with one on one clients or a small group of clients developing exercise programs under the supervision of qualified staff. Please know that this program does not prescribe exercise. Fit4Life is designed to have clients work with a programmer to help fine-tune skills or give ideas/instruction to develop a program that fits client needs***

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