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Strategic Goals & Priorities

Recreation and Sport Operations strategic goals and priorities through 2025.

Strategic Plan 2025


Goal: Professional Development

Strategic Priorities

  • Encourage and support professional staff attendance at relevant conferences and /or trainings that benefit both the individual and the department.
  • Collaborate and contribute to Employee and Student Wellbeing, offering inclusive programs that support health and wellbeing on campus. 
  • Support student development by providing regular performance evaluations, guidance in goal setting, training and leadership, opportunities, and scholarships for conferences and workshops. 

Goal: Student Engagement/Connection

Strategic Priorities

  • Encourage student leadership in decision making and the administration of the Recreation department. 
  • Promote student involvement in department-wide programming and training.
  • Develop engaging programs that recruit, retain, and support student success.
  • Create and develop intentional Recreation programming that is inclusive of all students and supports a feeling of belonging. 

Goal: Equity, Diversity and Inclusiveness

Strategic Priorities

  • Support and encourage participation in on-campus opportunities for mentoring.
  • Promote employment opportunities in a manner that will attract diverse applicants.
  • Host diversity training and professional development throughout the year for student employees and professional staff.
  • Ensure programming, facility improvements, and new developments are inclusive and welcoming.

Goal: Facilities Enhancement and Collaboration

Strategic Priorities

  • Collaborate with Facilities Management on a maintenance and custodial plan that optimizes cleanliness and safety in all Recreation Facilities.
  • Finalize the comprehensive long-term Master Plan for Recreation and Athletics.
  • Cultivate solid, mutually beneficial relationships with Housing and Residence Life, Centers, Kinesiology, Athletics, and the Community for effective collaboration on shared-use facilities.

Goal: Fiscal Responsibility 

Strategic Priorities

  • Manage department fund with integrity and wisdom, planning for and prioritizing immediate and long-term needs, and avoiding unnecessary expenditures. 
  • Provide complete budget transparency to the Administration, Student Senate Finance Commission, and all students. 
  • Involve students in the budget development process and in the presentation of the budget to Student Finance Commission.


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