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Multi-Program Pool Schedule


Welcome to the Aquatics Program at UW-Eau Claire. The pool is designed to provide students/faculty with a setting where they may participate in a variety of recreational activities in an informal and relaxed environment whether it be swimming laps or playing water basketball. Enter the pool through the general locker rooms which are across from the MSPC.

Multi-Program Pool Schedule


  • Open Swim: two lap lanes 
  • Dive Team: 1m and 3m 


  • Open Recreation Swim Time Only


This is a full body, low impact; 50 minute workout. You don't need to be a great swimmer for this class! Water belts/bells are used to increase resistance in the water and add variety to all moves. Come to stretch and tone all areas of the body and leave feeling energized.

Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are offered by our Athletic Swim Team. If you are interested in signing up for swim lessons, please contact our UWEC Swim Coach, Annie Ryder for more information.


All current UW-Eau Claire students, faculty, staff and their spouses are eligible to utilize the pool at no cost. Students from other University of Wisconsin system schools can access the facilities with a current school ID. Children of current UW-Eau Claire students, faculty, and staff may use the facilities on weekends when they are accompanied by their parent(s).

Special Needs

If you have any special needs and would like to participate in any of the activities/programs detailed here, please contact Neil Ostlund.

Inclement Weather Policy

The McPhee pool may close at times due to unsafe weather conditions(i.e. thunder/lightning) while the rest of the facility may stay open. When thunder/lightning are present, the pool will be evacuated and will remain closed for 30 minutes after the last occurrence of thunder and/or lightning.

If you are planning to swim and you are unsure if the pool is currently closed due to severe weather, you can contact the McPhee Info Desk at 715-836-2546 between the hours of 7:00am-3:30pm. After 3:30pm, contact the McPhee Building Manager at 715-225-8595.

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