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Experience Outdoor Recreation

The university is home to indoor as well as outdoor facilities. Not only are there athletic fields located at Bollinger Fields, but there are also on campus options as well! The University features outdoor tennis, basketball, volleyball courts.

Tennis Courts

The university features eight full size tennis courts behind McPhee Physical Education Ade Olson Addition. These courts are utilized by both our general student body as well as our men's and women's club tennis teams. 

Basketball Courts

You'll find three full size basketball courts at the corner of University Drive, and Hilltop Circle, across the road from Tower's Field. These basketball courts are equipped with streetlights for evening and late night playing.

Volleyball Courts

Located on the south end of Towers's Field are three full sized sand volleyball courts. These courts are open for all students and are also used for our intramural volleyball teams. The courts also feature lights for evening and late-night play.


Click each of the boxes below to navigate to the courts. 

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