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Eau Claire County Crisis Response Program


721 Oxford Avenue, Ste. 2310
Eau Claire, WI 54703


Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Contact Information

Kristin Wojtalewicz
phone  715-839-6975
fax  715-831-7363

Purpose of the Organization

Crisis Response Volunteers will be utilized to enhance crisis response services to crime victims in Eau Claire County by responding to crisis calls and meeting face to face with victims or others associated with the victim or the crime who have suffered a traumatic reaction to the crime. Response will be made within twenty four hours of the occurrence of the crime, whenever possible. By applying critical incident stress debriefing skills, volunteers will reduce the level of stress and enhance coping abilities of victims in crisis, as well as provide victims with an opportunity to ventilate and have validated the seriousness of the impact of the event.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

> Will be available on scheduled nights and weekends to respond to crisis calls. When paged by the law enforcement agency or notified by some other authorized source of the need to respond to a victim of a crime, the volunteer will immediately gather appropriate information to assess the level of response required.

> Volunteers will meet with victims and apply debriefing and defusing techniques to assist the victim stabilize, assess immediate safety needs of the victim, and provide victims with an opportunity to ventilate and have validated the impact of the crime, including physical, emotional, and financial impact. Volunteers will provide information about other community resources and assist victim with accessing resources. Volunteers will spend as much time as necessary to assure victim is informed and secure before leaving the scene.

> After each crisis call, volunteers will immediately document required statistical information as well as a brief summary of the crisis call for the Crisis Response Specialist to review the following day and note any special circumstances or need for follow-up.

> Volunteers must complete all required initial training and attend any ongoing training and keep training manuals updated. Volunteers must take initiative educate themselves on community resources and criminal system procedures.

> Volunteers must maintain a valid driver's license and insurance requirements at all times and immediately report any lapses in either to the program directors.

> Volunteers must do a minimum of one ride-along per month with any law enforcement agency in Eau Claire County


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