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UW-Eau Claire has nearly 200 student organizations on campus and the UW-Eau Claire Student Student Senate encourages all students to follow their passion. Check them all out on the new Blugold Connect+ app! If you have an idea for a student organization and something similar doesn't already exist on campus, you can apply for official UWEC student organization recognition between September 1st through March 30th.

The Student Organizations Commission of the UW-Eau Claire Student Senate has the authority to recommend to the Activities, Involvement, and Leadership office the granting and suspension of recognition for all campus organizations, and to recommend policies governing the operation of all student organizations. Any group of students proposing to form a new campus organization must meet all of the Student Organizations Commission and UW-System regulations and requirements. The Activities, Involvement, and Leadership office will make the final determination regarding which organizations will become a UWEC recognized student organization (RSO.)

Request a New Student Organization

Before You Start:

Please note that not all new student organizations will be approved, based on several factors, including but not limited to the number of similar organizations, the interest and sustainability, and the use of campus resources. The New Student Organization process is open during the academic year. Applications are accepted for a limited time each fall semester (Sept. 1st - March 30th.)

Questions to consider before applying:

  1. Does your organization overlap with any existing organizations and what makes it different from similar organizations?
  2. Does your organization meet the current constitution guidelines for recognition?
  3. Is your organization sustainable? Do you have members and interest to keep the organization going from year to year?
  4. Do you have a current UWEC faculty/staff member who is willing to serve as the advisor to the student organization?
  5. Why does UWEC need this organization you are proposing?
  6. What resources will your organization require and can the UWEC Senate/University support your needs?

NOTE: Certain types of organizations may require further vetting and approvals from other departments or administrators as well as additional recognition processes. This includes but is not limited to Club Sports and/or chapters of nationally affiliated organizations.

Application Steps:

  1. Sign into the new Blugold Connect+ system - UWEC's online student engagement management platform (and app) using your UWEC credentials - REQUESTS MUST BE MADE BY A CURRENT UWEC STUDENT (faculty or non-student request will automatically be denied.)
  2. Click on the Groups tab to review all currently recognized UWEC student organizations to ensure that there isn't a student organization that already exists with the same purpose. The Student Organizations Commission has the authority to deny your request if a similar student organization is already established at UWEC.
  3. If it is determined that another student organization does not exist with the same or similar purpose, you will need to prepare the following items prior to submitting your Group Registration request: 
    1. Review the UWEC/UW-System Constitution Guidelines and determine how your organization will answer and adhere to the requirements.
    2. Secure a current UWEC Faculty/Staff member who has agreed to serve as the organization's advisor. 
  4. Once you've reviewed/completed the above steps, you will need to complete and submit the online Group Registration request via Blugold Connect+ (click on the blue Register New Student Organization box) (available Sept. 1 - Mar. 30th.)
  5. Complete all required registration fields.
  6. Click Submit.

Upon receiving the completed request, the organization will be placed on Provisional Status Information for up to six weeks while the Student Organizations Commission of the Student Senate reviews the request in its entirety to ensure all requirements have been met.

During the Provisional Status timeframe, the student organization will be allowed to do the following:

  • Reserve meeting rooms - facilities may be used only for the purpose of forming the organization. Privileges of financial solicitation, presentation of speakers, social events (including the Blu's Organizations Bash), etc. are reserved for fully RSO's (Recognized Student Organizations) only.
  • Set up tables in the Davies Center for recruitment purposes only.
  • Utilize bulletin board space (to display posters) and digital advertising to conduct membership drives.
  • Upon request, utilize an assigned locker & workshop located within the Student Organizations & Leadership Center (220 Davies Center).

Any organization violating its provisional status will have their organization immediately revoked. The organization may start the Group Registration request process over again if it falls between September 1st and March 30th. The decision to revoke status will be made by the Student Organizations Commission of the Student Senate or the Activities, Involvement, and Leadership office. The decision of the Student Organization Commission may be appealed to the entire Student Senate.

IF YOUR GROUP REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS ARE NOT MET: The group shall be granted an additional time period in which to revise the registration/constitution information and resubmit it for a second review.

IF ALL OF THE GROUP REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS HAVE BEEN MET: The Student Organizations Commission will make a recommendation to the Activities, Involvement, and Leadership office who will then make the final recognition determination. Upon approval by the Activities, Involvement, and Leadership office, the group shall be registered as an officially "recognized student organization" (RSO.)

Student Organization Re-Registration (Annual)

In compliance with University regulations regarding student organizations the following THREE ANNUAL RE-REGISTRATION REQUIREMENT STEPS must be completed no later than October 15th (by 11:59pm) each fall semester to remain in good standing:

  1. All student organization Presidents must complete the mandatory org leaders online training course (available via their Canvas account) (Additional e-board members are encouraged to complete this training as well - contact the Activities, Involvement, & Leadership office should you wish to have additional members complete the training OR if you do not see the training module within your Canvas account)
  2. Submit your organizations' "Group Re-Registration" form via Blugold Connect+.
  3. Secure/ensure a current UWEC faculty/staff advisor is in place (meet with them to discuss upcoming year.)


Student organizations must also update their organizations' Blugold Connect+ portal information any time there is a change in the constitution, or of officers, members, or advisors throughout the year.

Organizations that fail to re-register their organization registration by the October 15th deadline will automatically be deactivated.

Deactivated organizations lose all rights and privileges of an organization including, but not limited to:

  • The right to reserve rooms
  • Apply for student segregated fee funding
  • Participate in the bi-annual Blu's Organizations Bashes
  • Set up tables in the Davies Center and/or on the Campus Mall
  • Use bulletin board or digital monitor space to display information
  • Use mailbox units, lockers, or supplies in the Student Organizations and Leadership Center or Workshop
  • Use of the new online student organization/engagement management system - Blugold Connect+.

Deactivated organizations can reapply for active status by filling out a Group Re-Registration request form via Blugold Connect+ after ONE FULL SEMESTER has lapsed (the next fall semester.)

Organizations are required to review their constitutions annually in order to update any necessary information. Organizations will complete their constitution forms via their Blugold Connect+ portal as part of the Group Re-registration submission process. All initial submissions, corrections/revisions must be approved by the Student Organizations Commission to become valid.

Purpose of a Constitution: An organization’s constitution is a written document that incorporates the organization’s basic principles and rules, and defines the way in which it will be governed. If you have any questions regarding the importance of any of the following points, if you need help in formulating your constitution, or to obtain a sample constitution, please contact one of the following:

Student Organization Re-Activation

IMPORTANT NOTE: Requests for Reactivating a previous student organization can be submitted anytime during the academic year unless the student organization was deactivated the previous fall semester due to non-compliance with the Annual Student Organizations Re-Registration requirements. Student organizations that fall into this category must wait until a minimum of ONE FULL SEMESTER has lapsed and may reapply starting the next fall semester (reactivation requests are not taken over the summer.)

    1. Inactive organizations can reapply for active status by logging into the Blugold Connect+ system, click on the "Groups" tab, and then click on the "+ All Groups" blue button, then filling out a Group Registration (choosing the Reactivation option) form via Blugold Connect+ (please note, you will be required to fill out the Constitution requirements information as part of your submission.)
      NOTE: You must also retain a current UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff advisor prior to submitting this form (retired faculty/staff may not serve as primary advisors.)
    2. Inactive organizations that have filled out a Group Registration (Reactivation option) request form are considered provisional and must adhere to Provisional Status Information until six weeks have passed or the organization has been approved by the Student Organizations Commission.
    3. The Student Organizations Commission will review the submitted Group Registration - Reactivation form and decide by majority vote if it adheres to current Constitution Requirements and meets all official student organization recognition criteria.

    If approved by the Student Organizations Commission, the constitution and organization will be approved within the organization’s Blugold Connect+ portal information. If changes are deemed necessary by the Student Organizations Commission, the organization may do the following:

    1. Appeal to the Student Senate by informing the President, in writing, one week before the next scheduled Senate meeting that they feel their constitution is complete and meets the necessary requirements.
    2. If changes are deemed necessary by the Student Senate, the organization can make the necessary revisions to their Group Registration (reactivation) information and re-submit it for further review.
Student Organization Name Change
  1. Student organizations wishing to make changes regarding their officially recognized must complete and submit a Group Registration (choosing the Name Change option) form via the Blugold Connect+ system
  2. The new organization name must be reflected within the constitution information of this submission.
  3. The Student Organizations Commission will then review the submitted Group Registration (Name Change option) information and decide by majority vote if it adheres to all requirements. If approved by the Student Organizations Commission, the constitution as well as the organizational name change will be approved within the organizations' Blugold Connect+ portal. If changes are deemed necessary by the Student Organizations Commission, the organization will be notified by the Student Organizations Commission Director.
Constitution Requirements – Enforcement Clause

CONSTITUTION RECOMMENDATIONS: Groups or organizations needing to establish their constitution form responses should refer to the Requirements/Guidelines for Constitutions prior to completing the Group Registration or Group Re-Registration (including Group Name Change option or a Group Reactivation option) form submissions.

Enforcement Clause

The Student Organizations Commission of Student Senate reserves the right to review and assess both organizations and their constitutions. In addition, should an organization’s national affiliate not reasonably comply with the requirements for UW-Eau Claire constitutions, the Student Organizations Commission of the Student Senate reserves the right to revoke a campus organization's recognition status.

Deactivation of a UWEC Student Organization

If at any time a UWEC recognized student organization voluntarily disbands or becomes inactive, it is to notify the Senior Coordinator of Engagement and the Student Organizations Commission Director in writing.

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