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Bring out the leader in you

The Leadership Seminar Series is an eight-week, non-credit opportunity available for up to 20 students. Seminar participants meet for 90 minutes each week throughout the duration of the program. There is no cost to participate, and all materials are provided for participants.

There will be two Spring 2024 sessions for the Leadership Seminar Series. They will be held on either:

  • Tuesdays from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. beginning on Tuesday, February 20th, and concluding on Tuesday, April 16th (excluding spring break). ​
  • Wednesdays from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. beginning Wednesday, February 21st, and concluding on Wednesday, April 17th (excluding spring break).

Interested students should select which date they are registering for in the registration form and be committed to participating for the duration of the program.

Registration is open through Friday, February 16th.

Register for the Spring 2024 Leadership Seminar Series

If a disability related accommodation is needed to participate in any of our programs, please contact the Activities, Involvement and Leadership Office at

Seminar Description

The Leadership Seminar Series is a casual and fun program designed to provide you with an opportunity to explore leadership with a small group of your peers and apply what you learn to your life experiences. Students will examine the history and evolution of leadership, will learn about personal strengths and preferences and how to work with others, will learn about important components of effective leadership, and will identify strategies for creating positive change.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the historical and theoretical background of leadership.
  • Determine individual areas of strengths and improvements as a leader.
  • Articulate benefits and challenges of working in group and team settings.
  • Understand responses to change and how to facilitate change.
  • Understand and articulate what leadership means, and develop a personal philosophy of leadership.
  • Make meaningful connections between seminar content and organization context.

Insights from Seminar Participants
  • I have learned more about myself and my style as a leader and have discovered the areas I have strengths in and those I can improve.
  • I have learned more about how leadership and group dynamics affect the productivity and cohesion of the group. Groups are not as simple as some may think.
  • I’ve learned that being a leader doesn’t mean I’m always in charge, it depends on the situation. I can be a follower sometimes still.
  • I can be a great leader if I remember to look at the strengths of others and understand I can’t do everything all the time.
  • Becoming a leader is an ongoing process and varies in different situations.
  • The most significant thing is regarding learning about the different personality types and gaining a better understanding of where they are coming from.
  • I’ve learned a lot about myself and strengths. Working with others is an experience that helps us open up to people.
  • I learned how to better be a leader and how I need to include all members into the group development. I have also learned more about my strengths and what I need to work on.
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