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Learn, Collaborate & Create Change

The Future Student Affairs Professionals Program (FSAPP) is an intentional opportunity that connects students to various areas of Student Affairs through mentorship, professional and leadership development, and working collaboratively to improve campus life.

Participants can expect to:

  • Strengthen skills related to leadership development including relationship building, communication, creativity, problem solving, accountability, and organization.
  • Work with a staff mentor for project assistance.
  • Work collaboratively on a project designed to improve campus life.
  • Engage in professional development and leadership discussions.
  • Deepen their understanding of the field of Student Affairs, as well as, several topics relevant to the field. 
  • Create meaningful change and/or awareness on campus.

The program is comprised of three main elements: a group project, job shadowing, and professional development. 

Group Project

In small groups, participants will identify an issue on campus and develop practical solutions. They will work collaboratively with campus staff and departments to create a campus environment that is inclusive and impactful for all students, staff, and faculty.  They will be given a budget of $750 with the hopes of making small, meaningful changes to the campus community.  Additionally, students can receive 30 hours of Service Learning credit for their project contributions. 

Job Shadowing

Mentorship is a fundamental element to the success of this program. Each participant will be paired with multiple staff on campus to explore options within the field of Student Affairs.  They will conduct informational interviews, be included on various meetings and events, and develop beneficial connections across campus. 

Professional Development

Holistic education of the field is critical in developing informed future professionals.  This program allows the various groups to cover timely trends and important topics in a open, fun environment. Facilitated conversations, TED Talks, and knowledgeable presenters help the participants learn more about the field of Student Affairs and the many complex elements included within the profession.

FSAPP is open to any student interested in participating, regardless of major or previous involvement experience. FSAPP will not make participants experts in Student Affairs but will provide students with a strong overview of the field. The program runs from October to May and groups meet on a weekly basis. Participation in this program completes the Service Learning graduation requirement. 

FSAPP will tentatively be available in Fall 2023 for interested participants.

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