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Greek Life

Greek Week



Greek Week is a week-long celebration of the Greek community at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire that is sponsored by the Interfraternity and PanHellenic Councils. The week is designed to follow the four guiding pillars of Greek Life, with events that are focused on Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Friendship. There are two separate competitions that take place during the week; the Spirit Cup competition for the organizations, and the Greek God and Goddess competition that is for individual members that are representing their organizations.

Greek Week for 2017 will be Sunday, March 5 through Saturday, March 11.  Almost all events are open to any staff or student who would like to spectate or participate.

2017 Events



The Spirit Cup competition is held between the various social Greek organizations.  The winning organization will receive a trophy and will be recognized at the Greek Gala on March 11th. 

  • Sunday, March 5 

          > U Lead Student Leadership Conference, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Davies Center
          • A free day-long leadership conference created by students for students. Points are awarded based on percentage of chapter roster in attendance.

  • Monday, March 6 

          > Medallion Hunt, Monday through Thursday, Various locations on campus 
          • Starts at 8 a.m., with a clue posted every day at 8am in the Greek Life Facebook group through Thursday March 9th or until found
          • Campus-wide search for the Greek Week medallion.  50 points to the organization that locates it.   

              > Penny Wars, Monday through Thursday, Davies 220

          • Competition starts at 8am with jars located inside the Student Organization and Leadership Center and concludes on Thursday, March 9th at 3 p.m.
          • Pennies = positive points and Silver or Paper Money = negative points, with the total points being rounded to the nearest number.
          • All proceeds will be donated to the Campus Harvest Food Pantry.

              > Food Drive, Monday through Thursday, Davies 220

          • Starts at 8 a.m. with items being turned into the front desk of the Student Organization and Leadership Center, and concludes on Thursday, March 9th at 3 p.m.
          • Different points will be given for different items: Canned item = 1 point, Box meal/Pasta/Cereal = 2 points, Paper Products = 5 points, Personal Care Products = 10 points, Diapers = 15 points, Baby Formula = 20 points.
          • Homemade or opened items will not be accepted

               > Faculty Progressive Dinner, 5:30 p.m., Various Chapter Houses

          • Starts at 5:30 p.m. and will allow staff and faculty to tour the women's chapter houses and meet members from all six social Greek organizations, while eating a new course at each home.
          • Each residence provides a house tour, an overview of the chapters present, and numerous opportunities to meet students involved in Greek Life at UW-Eau Claire.

  • Tuesday, March 7

           > Trivia Night, 7 p.m., Dakota Ballroom
          • Chapters play team trivia in mixed teams.  Points are awarded based on percentage of chapter roster in attendance.

  • Wednesday, March 8

            > Greek Games, 7 p.m., Schofield Auditorium
          • A competitive series of games for each chapter's God or Goddess candidate to participate in with a team of 3 additional helpers.  Points are awarded based on percentage of chapter roster in attendance.

  • Thursday, March 9 

            > End of Medallion Hunt, Penny Wars (3 p.m.), & Food Drive (3 p.m.)

            > Greek Educational, 7 p.m., Room TBD
          • The Scholarship and Education Chairs of the Interfraternity and PanHellenic Councils are able to chose a topic that is relevant to the current Greek community.  In previous years, this has typically served as an alcohol safety presentation, but the topic is up to the discretion of the current chairs. Points are awarded based on percentage of chapter roster in attendance.

  • Friday, March 10

            > Greek Bowling Social, 7 p.m., Hilltop Bowling and Billiards Center
          • Bowling and pizza for the Greek community and friends.  Pizza is provided by the Greek Councils, bowling is at individual expense. Points are awarded based on percentage of chapter roster in attendance.

  • Saturday, March 11

            > Greek Gala, 7 p.m., Ojibwe Ballroom
          • End of the week celebration and dance where the Spirit Cup and God and Goddess winners are announced.


  • Sunday, March 5

           > Window Painting Starts, must be complete by Thursday, March 9 at 3 p.m.
          • Each candidate is assigned a window in the Marketplace dinning area.  Candidates are allows 2 helpers and 3 hours to complete their work (does not have to be sequential), but cannot begin painting until signing the Candidate Agreement. All windows must be cleaned by Sunday, March 12th.
  • Monday, March 6 - Friday, March 10

           > Greek Candidate Interview
          • Each candidate must schedule a 20 minute interview with the judges prior to Friday, March 10
  • Wednesday, March 8

          > Greek God and Goddess Games
          • Each candidate must participate in the Greek Games. More information is listed above.

For more information about Greek Week events, contact the Council Social Chairs.  The Councils reserve the right to change the schedule of events at any point and are the final judges for all scoring.