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Adventure is out there

Studying abroad is a life-changing experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Meet new people, explore incredible places and learn from a different cultures perspective. UW-Eau Claire offers a wide range of locations so you can choose what interests you most. Spain, Costa Rica, Scotland and Australia are just a few of the countries you can travel to. So pack your bags, bring your camera and start your grand adventure.

Where can I go?

The department of kinesiology offers a specific study abroad program to Japan for its students. Please read the featurette below for more details.

Kinesiology students in Tokyok

From Eau Claire to Tokyo

Kinesiology students can apply for a study abroad program to visit the Tsukuba Summer Institute for Physical Education and Spot and Tokyo. Students will conduct research, participate in traditional sports, visit elite training facilities and more.

More details

National Student Exchange

Ever wonder what it's like to learn at a university in California? How about Texas? When you participate in National Student Exchange (NSE) you have the choice to study for a semester at over 100 universities in 49 states. The best part? You'll still pay the same tuition! Check out the UW-Eau Claire NSE website and see where you can study.

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