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Explore the exercise physiology graduate program at UW-Eau Claire

The master of science in exercise physiology program will be offered at UW-Eau Claire beginning in the fall of 2024.

Designed to provide foundational knowledge and clinical experiences, the exercise physiology graduate program will prepare you for work in a variety of preventative health programs. This can include medically-based fitness programs, cardiac rehabilitation and other clinically related areas — such as aging, diabetes management, cancer, and neurology — as well as rehabilitation programs for individuals with disabilities. 

Currently, the kinesiology department holds affiliation agreements with many hospitals and clinics in the Eau Claire area and regionally in western Wisconsin, eastern Minnesota and even select hospitals and clinics around the U.S for those students interested in looking outside the region for their capstone experience.

In addition to preparing you for application to advanced professional degree programs, this degree will enable you to fill the growing demand for exercise physiologists!

Why complete my master of science in exercise physiology at UW-Eau Claire?

Professional experience. Our program's strong collaborations with organizations such as Mayo Clinic, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, and area hospitals will give you the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and gain invaluable experience outside the classroom. Your clinical experience may even take you out of state! 

Interdisciplinary collaboration. The exercise physiology program will be a part of ongoing initiatives at UW-Eau Claire to increase interdisciplinary collaboration among health science focused departments in areas such as curriculum development, research and service while working to provide advising and clinical learning experiences for students in these select departments.

Unique research partners. At UW-Eau Claire, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate on one-of-a-kind research projects, including through the Mayo Clinic Health System. Mayo Clinic Health System sites, Marshfield Clinic, and other outpatient rehabilitation clinics will serve as placement sites for you to gain experience working with a wide range of clientele.

Community outreach opportunities. The department has a variety of faculty-led outreach programs for you to get involved with, including the Community Fitness Program, Physical Activity and Recreation for Individuals with Disabilities in the Eau Claire Area (P.R.I.D.E.), P.R.I.D.E.4Adults, Parkinson’s Exercise Program, and Cancer Recovery and Fitness. Participating in these programs allows you to work alongside your peers and faculty while developing important clinical skills.

Quick facts

  • Program length: two years
  • Offered: in person
  • Campus: Eau Claire
  • Credits: 36
  • Cost: $550 per credit
  • Students will earn a Master of Science (MS) degree. 

What can I do with a master of science in exercise physiology degree from UWEC?

A major strength of this program is its broad-based foundation in the science and application of exercise physiology principles to a wide range of clinical populations. 

Beyond the traditional avenues, the training received through this degree will be especially relevant for those who seek positions in clinical, university or industry-based research laboratories, or want to use this degree as a preparatory option for application to advanced professional degree programs (e.g., physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, medical school, etc.). The rigor of this program will also prepare students to enter research-based doctoral degree programs.

Exercise physiology master's degree curriculum

The core curriculum of this program will provide you with a breadth of foundational knowledge through courses such as advanced exercise physiology, laboratory procedures, clinical exercise physiology, and adapted physical activity; as well as theoretical knowledge regarding research methods and application of statistical procedures. Also, students will complete one of three capstone experiences (either a thesis, scholarly research paper, or internship) based on their professional goals.

What classes do master of science in exercise physiology students take?

Application and Admissions Information

Master of Science in Exercise Physiology 

Visit our graduate admissions page to see the application process, deadlines, and required materials.

For questions related to the program, please contact:  

Admission Requirements (traditional 2-year plan)

At the time of admission to the Master of Science in exercise physiology program, a student must have: 

Screening for these requirements will be completed via undergraduate transcript review during time of application. No GRE will be required for admission to the program.

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Master of Science in Exercise Physiology (4+1 Accelerated Plan) 

The Master of Science in Exercise Physiology (MSEP) Accelerated Plan allows qualified students to start taking courses in the approved master’s degree while finishing their bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Science. Graduate course sequencing allows undergraduate students to complete their fourth year of the Rehabilitation Science major while completing the first-year coursework in the MSEP. This pathway Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology in a total of five years upon matriculation to UW-Eau Claire. 

A student interested in the MSEP Accelerated plan should consult with academic advisors and the Program Director of MSEP and apply to the undergraduate major in Rehabilitation Science in the Department of Kinesiology during the sophomore year and earn credits toward their Bachelor of Science degree. Upon successful completion of the fifth year in the MSEP program, a student would graduate with a Master of Science in Exercise Physiology degree. 

Admission Requirements (4+1 Accelerated Plan)

 At the time of admission to the Master of Science in exercise physiology program accelerated plan, a student must have: 

For questions related to the program, please contact:

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