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Experiencing different cultures exposes you to different ways of thinking, communicating and understanding. During your time at UW-Eau Claire in the department of kinesiology, you'll have many opportunities to explore cultures both near and far. Whether it's traveling across oceans or borders, you can see, touch, and taste things you never would have expected while earning a kinesiology degree. These experiences are available through research opportunities, awesome internships, engaging classes and more. So prepare for the unexpected and to discover something new about yourself along the way.

The department of kinesiology offers a unique cultural immersion experience to Japan. View the featurette below for more information.

Kinesiology students in Tokyok

From Eau Claire to Tokyo

Kinesiology students can apply for a study abroad program to visit the Tsukuba Summer Institute for Physical Education and Spot and Tokyo. Students will conduct research, participate in traditional sports, visit elite training facilities and more.

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Examples of immersion programs

  • Embracing the Somali Experience in Midwestern Public Schools
  • Civil Rights Pilgrimage
  • Cultural Identity in Louisiana
  • Hmong Cultural Practices and Ceremonial Immersion
  • Yosemite National Park: A Sacred Land
  • Sports Sciences and Kinesiology in Japan
  • Hmong Studies in Thailand
  • Social and Environmental Justice Experience to Guatemala
  • Women's Lives and Experiences in Nicaragua
  • Globalization in China
  • Culture, Society and Economics in Argentina
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