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The Procurement Travel Credit Card is a tool for University employees to use for making arrangements for any business-related travel. It allows you, the designated employee cardholder, to make travel arrangements according to several mandated contracts.

The VISA Procurement Travel Credit Card payment system is an individual billing / central payment system. You, the cardholder, receive a periodic account statement for information and reconciliation purposes only. An electronic billing file is sent centrally to University Accounting, together with a summary of all charges with supporting detail. Accounts Payable makes one payment to VISA on behalf of all cardholders. Expenditure transactions are processed through the accounting system and posted to the department's main account number.

What is a Procurement Travel Credit Card
  • In brief, a Procurement Travel Credit Card is:Authority  granted by the University to individual state employees
    • For official state use only
    • Authorized for travel $5,000 and under
    • Authorized for use with mandated contract merchants only
  • A Procurement Travel Credit Card is NOT:A means to avoid appropriate business travel or payment procedures
    • A card to access cash or credit or make any personal charges
    • A card for purchasing official department and office needs
    • A right of employment
    • For interagency or intra-agency transactions
  • The Procurement Travel Credit card enables cardholders, Purchasing Office staff and Accounts Payable staff to perform more effectively and to focus on the value-added aspects of their jobs by:Reducing time needed to make travel arrangement
    • Reducing the number of travel reimbursements
    • Reducing invoicing problems
    • Reducing the number of Accounts Payable checks

The use of the Procurement Travel Credit Card results in University liability, NOT a personal liability for the cardholder.  Your personal credit rating will not be affected.  However, remember that you sign an agreement with the University prior to receiving the card and as such you are responsible for any misuse of the card as outlined in this manual.

Obtaining a Procurement Travel Credit Card

Go to Business Services-Credit Card to access the Procurement Travel Credit Card Application eForm.  An application must be completed for each cardholder.  Complete and submit the form through the electronic workflow.  Your supervisor must approve your application request.  A training session will be scheduled for each cardholder at the time you pick up the card.  The Purchasing Office will retain the original Procurement Travel Credit Card Agreement form submitted by the applicant, the supervisor and the Purchasing Program Administrator.

The Purchasing Program Administrator will request a card from US Bank (VISA).  Your card should arrive within 5 to 7 working days.  The Program Administrator will automatically request a new Procurement Travel Credit Card when your old card expires, unless you indicate that you no longer need a card.

Using Your Procurement Travel Credit Card

The procurement Travel Credit Card is to be used for all business-related travel expenses not to exceed $5,000 per transaction.

  • The new Procurement Travel Credit Card can only be used for the following reimbursable charges:
    • Airline tickets
    • Travel agency service fees
    • Conference registration fees
    • Webinars (when registration fee required)
    • Hotel room (room cost and parking fees only - no other incidental charges)
    • Car rental and rental car gas
    • Parking fees
    • Commercial transportation (trains, buses, taxis, shuttles)
Maintaining the Transaction Summary Log
  • Retain all original receipts, itemized hotel folio, credit slips and invoices from each transaction.
  • Log each transaction on the transaction summary log. You must provide the following information:
    • Cardholder name
    • Traveler(s)
    • Vendor
    • Date(s) of trip
    • Notation if registration fee
    • Brochure w/agenda if attending a conference with a registration fee
    • Destination of trip
    • Items purchased
    • Cost
  • The cardholder and their supervisor must each sign the Procurement Travel transaction summary log.
How the Bills are Paid

The University is responsible for all changes made with the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire VISA Procurement Travel Credit cards.  Your name also appears on the VISA card, as you are the user of the card, but there is no personal liability.

US Bank bills UW-Eau Claire electronically every two weeks.  University Accounting receives a file that contains the University transactions.  Your transactions are expensed to the General Ledger account that you indicated when you requested a VISA Procurement Travel Credit Card.

Reconciling Your Statement

If you have had posted transactions during the preceding statement period, you will receive a Procurement Travel Credit Card Statement from US Bank. This statement will:

  • List all transactions against your account
  • Show the transaction and posting dates
  • Show the vendor name
  • Show the amount of the charge

If you receive a Procurement Travel Credit Card Statement:

  • Verify that the charges listed are correct
  • Check off in the column provided on the transaction summary log if the transaction was a registration fee and attach brochure from the conference or meeting.
  • Forward the Procurement Travel Credit Card Statement, the original signed transaction log, and all appropriate original invoices and receipts to the Purchasing Program Administrator within one week from the receipt of the statement.
What If You Change Jobs

If you leave UW-Eau Claire or transfer to another department, you must return your Procurement Travel Credit Card to the Purchasing Program Administrator. The Purchasing Program Administrator will cancel the card. We do not reissue the same Procurement Travel Credit Card number to other employees for their use.  Before sending a cancelled Procurement Travel Credit Card to Purchasing, cut the card in half.

Prior to your last day on campus or in your department, return all receipts, credit slips, invoices, and any other documentation for pending purchases to the member of your department who will be responsible for filling out the transaction summary log after your departure.

If you are interested in obtaining a Procurement Travel Credit Card in your new job, discuss the process with your supervisor.  If you have an occasion for business-related travel in your new position, you may apply for a Procurement Travel Credit Card against the appropriate accounts.

Who to Call for Assistance or Information

Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, 715-836-5171,

  • Contact Carley:
    • To apply for a Procurement Travel Credit Card
    • For questions about procedures and policies
    • To replace a damaged card
    • For assistance with supplies
    • For account inquiries
    • For billing information
    • To report a lost or stolen card
    • To report problems with your monthly US Bank statement
  • Contact the ASK Center, at 715-836-3131, or for travel questions and assistance.
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