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Purchasing Department Workflow Processing Timelines

***Procurement continues to experience a very high volume of projects and requests resulting in extended timelines.***

During off-peak and normal business operations circumstances, please allow processing times as outlined below:

Category Timeline Comments
Procurement Card Applications 5-7 business days Credit cards are delivered 5-7 business days from the time the application is processed. Procurement does not receive your application until the account authorizer approves and submits the application to Procurement.
Purchase Requisitions 5-7 business days Purchase Requisitions can be processed in 5 business days or less if all required documentation is attached to your purchase requisition (quotes, waivers, simplified bidding records, etc.) and all the information on the purchase requisition is complete and in compliance with the procurement process/regulations.
Sole Source Waivers 5-7 business days Sole Source waivers up to $25,000 can be approved on campus with appropriate justification. All supporting documentation must be included with your sole source waiver form and all required signatures must be present on your form. Procurement reserves the right to reject any request for a sole source purchase if insufficient justification is not included. 
Contracts 10-14 business days Currently, only the Procurement Director on campus has the contracting signature authority to sign all contracts related to the purchase of goods and services.
Request for Bids 3-6 months The average RFB takes approximately three to six months to complete, depending on the complexity of the items being bid.
Request for Proposals Min. of 9 months RFPs require forming committees, training the committee members, and other extensive planning. If your department is planning a purchase that will require an RFP, please expect this process to take anywhere from 9-18 months from start to finish.
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