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Purchasing Workflow Timelines

Purchasing Department Workflow Processing Timelines

During off-peak and normal business operations circumstances, please allow processing times as outlined below:

Category Timeline Comments
Procurement Card Applications 5-7 business days Credit cards are delivered 5-7 business days from the time the application is processed. Purchasing does not receive your application until the account authorizer approves and submits the application to Purchasing.
Purchase Requisitions 5-7 business days Purchase Requisitions can be processed in 5 business days or less if all required documentation is attached to your purchase requisition (quotes, waivers, W-9s for new vendors) and all of the information on the purchase requisition is complete and in compliance with the procurement process/regulations.
Sole Source Waivers 5-7 business days Sole Source waivers up to $25,000 can be approved on campus. All supporting documentation must be included with your sole source waiver form and all required signatures must be present on your form.
Contracts 7-10 business days Currently, only the Purchasing Director on campus has authority to sign all contracts related to purchasing goods and services.
Request for Bids 1-6 months The average RFB takes approximately 3 months to complete, depending on the complexity of the items being bid.
Request for Proposals Min. of 9 months RFPs require forming committees, training the committee members and other extensive planning. If your department is planning a purchase that will require an RFP, please expect this process to take anywhere from 9-14 months from start to finish
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